Government admits to not tracking the use of banned guns in crimes

In 61% of crimes (where a gun was actually recovered), authorities have no clue where the gun even came from.

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Although the Liberals' latest gun ban, Bill C-21 passed the Senate Thursday night, according to the feds, available crime statistics of the firearms caught in the ban are non-existent.

The gun crime data — or lack thereof — was divulged in Statistics Canada and Public Safety Canada's response to an order paper question posed by Alberta Conservative MP Ron Liepert.

In May 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a ban on 1,500 models of Canadian long guns, which he dubbed “assault-style” weapons meant for military purposes. Included in the ban were the Ruger Mini-14 ranch rifle, the AR-15, and a .410 bird gun.

The list has since ballooned to closer to 2,000, now accompanied by a promised, five-year delayed compensation-for-confiscation program.

Liepert's question forced the feds to prove the theory that a sweeping ban of certain models of firearms from their lawful, licensed and vetted owners would be effective in driving down ballooning crime rates. Global News reported:

With regard to violent crimes and the firearms ban that prohibited certain firearms as of May 1, 2020, in the last fiscal year, how many violent crimes, defined by Statistics Canada as “Crimes against the person involve the use or threatened use of violence against a person, including homicide, attempted murder, assault, sexual assault and robbery”, involving firearms were committed with firearms that were included in the 2020 ban; of the firearms, how many of the guns' origins could be traced via a serial number, how many guns' origins were traced back to the United States; and how many violent crimes committed with firearms in the last fiscal year were committed by individuals without proper firearms licensing.

Public Safety Canada did not track any of the data Liepert asked for. However, Statistics Canada returned information that contradicted the Liberals' claims that a ban on legal firearms from Canadians would make Canada safer, as True North reported.

The data indicates that stricter border measures would be the solution to skyrocketing violent crime.

In 61% of crimes (where a gun was actually recovered), authorities have no clue where the gun even came from.

Only 20% of guns recovered in violent crimes are found to be from Canada, and in the 56% of homicides where investigators actually checked for licenses, 88% of criminals didn't have the proper firearms license for the guns they used.

The feds don't track the actual use of the guns they want to ban, they can't figure out where the guns came from, don't bother to check for firearms licenses in 44% of murders, and 88% of the rest of the criminals don't bother to even have proper firearms licenses.

That gun ban is working great... if disarming the population is the goal.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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