“This is a fear driven response”: Government mask mandates & lockdowns are failing

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You're killing people.
The mask protects other people not me.
Don't you care about the well-being of others?

These are all phrases you've likely heard over the months when it comes to being good and wearing your mask  and no matter how inconsistent the rules become, mask shaming is the newest way to show how much of a good citizen you are.

Like tattle-tales at school, people do it to feel good. Their social media and public officials tell them it's a good idea.

And it only makes sense. If you feel that by wearing a mask you are saving the world, and those who aren't are effectively murdering others, you would feel good too!

That's what NY Governor Andrew Cuomo told people in May:

Of course, Cuomo isn't questioning the fact that the WHO, CDC and even Dr. Fauci himself have all flip-flopped on the effectiveness of masks. No one can demonstrate how effective it is, nor do masks block viruses (especially the cloth ones you and I are made to wear).

According to a CDC study, data from 11 outpatient facilities reported that 71 per cent of coronavirus patients said they 'always' wear a mask, and 14 per cent do so often.

That's 85 per cent who wear a mask often or all the time, yet they still got sick.

Of course, many people know the masks don't really do anything. There's a reason the military wears gas masks, not ones made from cut up t-shirts they found the instructions for on Facebook.

Now that we can see the government mandates are at best questionable, inflating numbers and basing policy off guesswork, we are now in a position where we need to question everything and everyone.

And we should start with our medical and political leaders  the ones at the top leading the charge.

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