Grieving father finally gets answers after teenage son died suddenly

A 17-year-old teenager with no health concerns was found lifeless beside his bed just 33 days after receiving his Pfizer injection, and his father has been on a mission to determine why ever since.

Grieving father finally gets answers after teenage son died suddenly
Rumble/ Citizen Camera
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Sean Hartman was a healthy, athletic 17 year old when he was found lifeless beside his bed in September of 2021. This was shortly after the novel injections were mandated by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to partake in social activities.

While youth sports were exempt from the mandate, various sports leagues went above and beyond this measure and instituted their own mandates for anyone aged 12 and up.

His father, Dan Hartman, took to social media to get answers for Sean after his cause of death came back as “unascertained” by an Ontario coroner.

Hartman was eventually put in touch with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, who has been examining bodily tissues of deceased individuals, where he has continually found evidence of COVID-19 vaccine-induced spike protein accumulation.

After reviewing slides provided to him by Hartman, Dr. Cole stated that “the findings are sufficient to indicate the mRNA vaccine was significantly contributory, or outright causative, in this unexpected, sudden death of an otherwise previously healthy adolescent male, given no other obvious genetic, toxicologic, or pre-existing disease findings.”

Dr. Cole shared photos of Sean’s adrenal gland, which showed brown areas indicating the binding of spike protein in the cells.

In a post to Twitter, Hartman details how he was denied by the federal government's Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP). “They said there was no proof that the vaccine killed Sean,” he recalls. “But there’s also no proof that it didn’t.”

The father continued:

The vaccine killed my son. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen. I know people can die from taking Advil or Tylenol. My son died from the vaccine. Can you please talk about it?

When you don’t talk about it, it makes it look like you’re covering something up. Of course my son died from the vaccine. I never doubted it for one minute. He was perfectly healthy, had no underlying conditions.

He didn’t put salt on food, he didn’t drink pop, he never had a drop of alcohol in his life, he never smoked a cigarette. He didn’t just all of a sudden die.

The vaccine spike protein was found in my son's adrenal glands. That’s strange, they said it wouldn’t leave your shoulder. The vaccine killed my son.

In a teary close, Hartman seeks legal assistance to appeal his VISP denial given this new medical evidence. Since there was a large amount of spike protein found in Sean’s adrenal glands, which controls blood pressure, he said that “if Sean’s blood pressure dropped, he would have died.”

Sean suffered from brown circles around his eyes and a rash that covered his face and neck shortly after his injection. When he sought emergency medical care, he was sent home with a prescription for Advil.

Hartman first went public with this story at a Toronto Board of Health hearing in January 2022, where adding the novel COVID-19 vaccines to the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) was being discussed by the board.

The ISPA is Ontario-specific legislation outlining mandatory childhood vaccines for school attendance, however it allows for medical, religious and conscience exemptions.

The Board of Health then scrubbed Hartman’s heart-wrenching deputation from the public record.

In May of 2021, top federal bureaucrats detailed a message that intended to downplay and disregard COVID-19 vaccine reactions, to ensure nothing compromised the safe and effective narrative, through extensive behavioural science study.

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