Hamas supporters outside Toronto cheer in support of terror attacks in Israel

In Mississauga, joyous crowds were seen celebrating the death of over 600 Israelis. Israel faced a surprise unprovoked terrorist attack from Hamas early Saturday, with shocking celebrations occurring in Western countries.

Hamas supporters outside Toronto cheer in support of terror attacks in Israel
Rebel News
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Several dozen supporters of Hamas, the Palestinian fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group, gathered late night in a Mississauga plaza to dance, cheer and honk their horns while waving Palestinian flags to show their support of the recent attacks on Israelis. The attacks, which began early on Saturday morning, included the execution and kidnappings of civilians and that has lead to over 600 casualties, with some already referring to the terror offensive as "Israel's 9/11.

Originally shown by X user @UsamaFarrukhCA in a now-deleted post, the plaza parking lot at Mississauga's Ridgeway Dr and Eglinton intersection was filled with a diverse crowd of all ages seemingly chanting with joy the celebration of the Hamas-led terrorist attack on Israel, which included mass murder at an Israeli music festival at the end of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

A car full of young men honking and leaning out their vehicle's windows with Palestinian flags was visible, arriving at the plaza just after midnight. 

A police SUV blockade of one of the entrances to the plaza was present, seemingly to keep the peace among the raucous crowd. Entering the parking area there was a traffic jam of supporters circling around while honking, with passengers sitting outside of their windows yelling out "Allahu Akbar," which means "God is great" in Arabic.

One truck had a dozen young men in the back of it, several holding the Palestinian flag. The van circled the lot throughout the night energizing the area as others revved and honked along with them as they drove by.

One of the passengers noticed Rebel News reporting and shouted to the camera, "Free, Free Palestine!"

The city of Mississauga is home to two prominent Liberal MPs who have been criticized for controversial and allegedly antisemitic views of Israel in the past.

Demoted, former Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra posted on X, "I'm following with deep anxiety what's happening in the Middle East," before deleting the tweet following pushback.

Iqra Khalid, the Liberal MP for the riding where the terror-supporting  party took place, put out a statement which noted the "cycle of violence" and equivocated between terrorist attacks on Israel and Israeli response in Gaza.

"I have spent my day listening to and consoling residents in Mississauga-Erin Mills as we witness horrific attacks against Israel and Gaza," Khalid wrote.

This caused controversy on social media where commentators called out the lack of condemnation of violence on citizens.

Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun replied on X, "You are such a disgrace. So insulting. You saw what happened but clearly feel nothing. No Condemnation of Hamas, rapes and kidnapping of Jewish Israelis either. Women. Children. Elderly."

Warmington continued, calling for Khalid to be removed from the Liberal party caucus for her weak statement. "Justin Trudeau should remove you from caucus. Who would ever want to sit near 2such evil."

Ezra Levant, publisher of Rebel News, also pushed back against the two Liberal MPs.

"Now we know why two of Trudeau's MPs - Omar Alghabra and Iqra Khalid, both from Mississauga - tweeted out messages of support for Hamas. It's their voting base. It's Trudeau's voting base."

To stand against the unprovoked attacks on Israeli citizens, sign Rebel News' petition on this page and view CanadaStandsWithIsrael.com for more as the story unfolds.

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