He’s an entrepreneur! He’s a singer! He’s an actor! He’s a restaurateur! He’s a (beer league) goalie! And now Frank D’Angelo wants to be Mayor of Toronto

'My dream before I leave this planet, my last chapter is to leave Toronto in great shape,’ said Frank D’Angelo.

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Meet Frank D’Angelo. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, chances are you’re aware of some of his products. For example, he has produced, under licence, AriZona Iced Tea for the Canadian market. And then there was Cheetah Power Surge, D’Angelo’s answer to the energy drink category leader, Red Bull. 

(Alas, it looks like we have an answer to a query nobody has ever asked: who’d win in a fight – a bull or a cheetah? Answer: bet on the critter with horns…).

Still, Cheetah Power Surge probably boasts the most memorable energy drink ad campaign of all time. We speak of the spot when D’Angelo, playing a TV talk show host, “interviews” former Canadian Olympian Ben Johnson. D’Angelo asks Johnson at the end: “Put your cards on the table. Ben, when you run, do you cheetah?” to which Ben answers, “Absolutely. I cheetah all the time.” (Ben won the 100-metre Olympic gold medal in 1988, but was subsequently stripped of the medal when he failed the banned substances test).

Poor Ben…

D’Angelo has also produced movies, with genres ranging from hockey (The Last Big Save) to horror (Sicilian Vampire).

He’s also a singer, a restaurateur, and a producer. The list goes on.

But now D’Angelo has his sights on becoming Mayor of Toronto (along with 101 other candidates…).

We caught up with D’Angelo at The People Debate last week. But alas, after checking out his platform, it looks like D’Angelo is going to continue Toronto’s decades-old war on the car.

For example, he vows to bring in tolls for major arteries and bridges and increase parking permit fees. And he’s also going to establish a “green zone” downtown, restricting fossil fuel-burning cars from driving there (the goal being to fight manmade climate change).


Alas, should Frank D'Angelo emerge as mayor on June 26, here’s hoping he will resurrect Cheetah Power Surge. After all, the beleaguered citizens of Hogtown will surely find it too expensive to drive in the city; therefore, they will need an energy drink to gulp down as they jog, cycle, and inline skate their way around town…

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