Help David Menzies fight back against press censorship!

David's been arrested repeatedly for the crime of doing journalism in Trudeau's Canada.

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Hello Rebels! Now I think you'll agree with me that my friend David Menzies is one of the best man-on-the-street journalists in this entire country.

Why? Because he's fearless, he tackles issues Canadians really care about, he's unafraid, and he's also a happy warrior. But David's good nature hasn't prevented police and politicians from brutally stopping him from doing his important work on behalf of Canadians. 

David's been arrested repeatedly for the crime of doing journalism in Trudeau's Canada. I'll have you know that I'm one of David Menzies' biggest fans, and that's why I'm so proud to tell you about this amazing new Stand with David Menzies shirt we have in the Rebel News Store.

It shows David the way we know and love him, at his fun and fearless best. I ordered a shirt to support my friend David as he fights for the fundamental right of the free press in our post-constitutional society. And I'd love it if you ordered one too, because I think it'd be really great for my friend David to meet one of you out in the wild and see you wearing his shirt with his handsome mug all over it.

Fighting for the ability to tell the truth is a dangerous thing, and sometimes it can get you down. So let's lift my friend David up, and show him thanks and gratitude for the sacrifices he and his family have made to bring us the other side of the story. Go to the Rebel News Store right now and get this beautiful Stand with David Menzies shirt.

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SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Stand With David!

We're sick and tired of the RCMP and police targeting, harassing and intimidating one of Canada's best journalists, David Menzies. Please show your support for David, and help us fight back against Trudeau's thugs, by purchasing Stand With David gear!


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