Hundreds gather for Chris Sky freedom rally in Vancouver

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Hundreds of Vancouverites embraced the infamous freedom fighter Chris Sky (Chris Saccoccia) as he spoke at a “Just Say No to COVID restrictions” protest at Sunset Beach.

Sky, who has been coined the “king of the anti-maskers” by local mainstream media, has a fearlessly contagious message encouraging Canadians to stand up for their Charter rights and freedoms.

Even being put on the no-fly list, after showing Canadians how he refused mandatory quarantine and testing rules when travelling, did not stop Sky from beginning his freedom convoy rallies that took place across Western Canada.

Click here to watch my interview with Sky, and some of the protesters who attended the Vancouver freedom rally.

Considering that B.C. has been implementing more severe restrictions on “non-essential” travel, we wondered whether or not Sky would have any difficulty travelling to his next destination in Kelowna. Sky was later arrested on Tuesday night after speaking at a Thunder Bay, Ont. protest.

We will have more to report soon.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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