Hypocritical Rachel Notley bars Rebel News from asking questions despite promises to the contrary

The Alberta NDP were in Calgary on another election campaign stop and they were up to their usual antics. Despite Rachel Notley insisting she’d take questions from all media outlets except Western Standard, Rebel News was refused that opportunity.

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A boisterous crowd was on hand for the NDP's latest campaign stop in northwest Calgary where Notley was set to make another impossible promise laden "build back better" style election announcement. A mix of presumed union employees, equal parts white and neon haired, waved campaign signage as orange bow ties and suspenders adorned hipsters throughout the ramshackle audience. These self-proclaimed champions of tolerance, love and inclusivity, were taking a stand and making a difference by standing up to UCP bullies!

Or so they believed. Sadly, they bought into a lie.

You see, Premier Danielle Smith and the UCP have continued to take questions from everyone, even journalists who ask her if she considers herself a follower of Hitler. Tyler Shandro, who was the subject of our ShameOnShandro.com campaign continues to answer our questions even though we showed up at his Stampede Breakfast a few years back with a billboard truck playing videos of the pastor arrests he oversaw. That is because he understands that we as journalists hold him accountable and not the other way around.

Even when unhinged protesters disrupt a UCP media announcement on the seemingly inoffensive topic of discounts for seniors' access registry services, Danielle Smith takes time to address their concerns.

This is the way it has always worked, you may not like a journalist, but you are going to have to answer their questions as a politician. Or at least it is how it worked before Justin Trudeau changed everything. The idea that politicians decide who is or who isn’t a journalist is the stuff of fascist regimes and banana republics, not beacons of democracy as many have argued Canada once was.

Rachel Notley has adopted the Trudeauian censorship strategy of vilifying critics, dehumanizing them, and saying, “They aren’t real journalists” instead of answering questions, and sadly their supporters eat it up and echo it.

Rebel News always asks tough but fair policy-based questions of politicians. Rachel Notley and her team don’t want that, they want to play the victim while they do the victimizing us. They want to eviscerate their opposition, not with better ideas, but with personal attacks, Danielle Smith can certainly attest to that.

That is why they refuse to let anyone they don’t view as “on their side” ask questions.

The protestors at the UCP's recent media availability did more than hurt the NDP in the polls because of their tasteless stunt, they hurt the NDP by showing Albertans what the NDP is really like. Under that paper-thin veneer of rainbow-bubble-gum-inclusivity, they are bullies.

Rebel News will continue to tell the other side of the story with truly independent coverage of the Alberta election at AlbertaDecides.com. Please kindly consider supporting our work while you are there.

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