I'm in court this morning to defend Rebel News

Rebel News could face fines, and I could even be sent to prison.

I'm in court this morning to defend Rebel News
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I knew the police would raid Rebel News one day. I just didn’t expect it to be like this.

They didn’t smash down the door.

Instead, they went to court, in secret.

At that secret court hearing, the police said something secret to a judge.

And that judge then signed a court order demanding that we hand over unspecified audio recordings, photographs and videos to the police – or else I could face fines, and even be sent to prison.

What did the police say to get such an astonishing court order? Our lawyer asked the police, but they refused to disclose to us what they said.

The judge’s order warns me that if we don’t hand over that vague list of documents within 30 days, we could be “subject to a fine, to imprisonment, or both”.

Here is the judge’s order so you can see it for yourself:

Normally I’d laugh at the prospect of a journalist being jailed. That would never happen in Canada, right?

Well, I’ve seen enough Christian pastors, small businessmen and peaceful trucker protesters thrown in prison not to laugh at the threat of a journalist being jailed.

And here’s the thing.

We received that 30-day court order on August 2nd.

By my math, it’s now been 49 days.

And I have no intention of complying.

Because that court order is totally illegal.

That’s why I’m in court in Calgary this morning to get this illegal order thrown out.

But the police are adamant.

They hate Rebel News, ever since we reported on their brutal tactics during the pandemic lockdowns. It was Rebel News that showed their shocking gangland-style arrests of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, their humiliating degradation of Pastor Tim Stephens in front of his family, their harassment and arrest of Pastor Derek Reimer, and their abusive threats towards Ocean Weisblatt, that kid who was skating on an outdoor pond that threatened to taser.

It seems the only people the Calgary Police won’t arrest are the 150 Eritrean rioters who fought in the streets with clubs and sticks a few weeks ago.

This is personal for the Calgary Police. They hate Rebel News.

And that hatred has clouded their judgement. That’s why I’m in court today – for an emergency hearing to get a more senior judge to throw out the abusive court order against me.

The order was issued by the wrong court. It used the wrong law. The judge used the wrong legal standard. And the court order had to be served on us personally — not sent to us by email.

There are literally five fatal flaws in this thuggish document.

But so far, the Calgary Police Service refuses to back down. We’ll see what the judge says this morning.

Will I go to jail?

Would you go to jail, to protect the independence of the press?

I don’t want to go to jail, and my family would be shocked. But really, if I’ve spent my entire life standing up for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, how can I cave in now?

Hopefully, we’ll prevail this morning.

My lawyer is Sarah Miller, the same excellent lawyer who has been so successful for Pastor Artur Pawlowski. So far, my legal bill is $9,000 and we haven’t even had the hearing yet. If you can, please chip in by clicking here.

I’m used to helping other freedom fighters stay out of jail. Today I need your help for me. (Thanks.)

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