CLAIM: Ilhan Omar exploits seniors in alleged election fraud scheme

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While many commentators have focused extensively on Ilhan Omar’s alleged marriage to a relative, new details surrounding how she got elected are more serious than relationship gossip.

New videos from Project Veritas suggest that Omar's staff, at her direction, have amassed a network of workers with the goal of illegally harvesting ballots.

Ilhan Omar and multiple staffers, all of whom have been identified by multiple sources, appear to be responsible for a plan of canvassing apartment buildings filled with elderly residents.

Representatives show up at the seniors' doors, ask for their ballots, and help them fill out a ballot for Ilhan Omar.

Many powerful people are indicted in these alleged crimes exposed by Project Veritas:

Election judges, city councillors, in addition to a former coworker of Omar who says this is all the congresswoman's plan.

The motive, like the plan, turns out to be rather straightforward:

The videos also allege Omar is being funded with upwards of US$250,000 for the direct purpose of putting an end to the United States' financial support of Israel.

I reached out to Project Veritas for comment, and they told me that "given the undeniable evidence, we hope the Department of Justice will act appropriately and begin an investigation into these matters."

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  • By Ezra Levant


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