Independent media brings COVID contrarian doctors to Canada for the first time

Glen Jung from Bright Light News will act as a springboard for three American doctors coming to Canada to discuss the 'War On Medicine.'

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Founder of the independent media platform Bright Light News, Glen Jung, is hosting three COVID contrarian doctors this Thursday, April 6 in Toronto, Ontario for a panel discussion titled the “War On Medicine: Cells Don’t Lie.”

Jung wanted to give a Canadian platform to these American doctors and the unique specialties that they bring to the discussion.

Jung describes panelist Dr. Ryan Cole as one of only two pathologists conducting autopsies on vaccinated individuals “showing irrefutable evidence of deaths being caused by the spike protein.”

Another panelist, Dr. Pierre Kory, will speak about the “tobacco science that’s been used to perpetrate what’s happened to our medical systems around the world with COVID,” says Jung.

“Dr. Kat Lindley will be talking about the WHO and their pandemic treaty but more importantly the amendments to international health regulations,” he furthers, which would give the World Health Organization increased global authoritarian power over member states.

The event will hear speeches from these above mentioned doctors but also Canadian immunologist and virologist Dr. Byram Bridle before moving into a panel discussion.

The panel will focus on additional health centered topics. “One of the chilling prospects that we’re all looking at now is vaccine shedding, the potential ability of these vaccines to alter people’s genes, traditional vaccines being replaced with mRNA technology, food species will now be getting the mRNA technology,” says Jung, “Can unvaccinated people escape the potential harms of these vaccines?”

This unique event will give audience members a chance to point questions to the panelists using index cards available at the arrival table.

Jung reiterates that this is not just an informational session but also an opportunity for people to mingle and network with like-minded people.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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