Interim Green Party leader Jo-Ann Roberts tweets support of rioting

Interim Green Party leader Jo-Ann Roberts tweets support of rioting

The interim leader of the Green Party of Canada has a message for her fellow Karens of the world: time to put down the organic fair trade vanilla chai soy lattes, latch your bikes to a pole, and pick up some bricks!  

Jo-Ann Roberts, whose Twitter header picture is a photo of her and David Suzuki (of course) and who also predictably has her pronouns in her bio (she/her,” in case you were curious), tweeted out the encouragement to lawlessness to her sisters in arms, Tuesday.  
From @JoAnnRobertsHFX: 

“Fellow white women, we need to step up. Stop calling the BLM protests "looting" and "rioting". Repeat after me: There is no comfortable way to fight oppression. What's happening across the US and Canada is valid. right. and necessary. Get on board.”  

For the past several nights, riots have raged in primarily Democrat run cities across the United States. Minority neighborhoods in Minneapolis were destroyed. Stores were looted in Los Angeles.  Shopkeepers were beaten in Dallas. Police officers were assaulted and run over in New York. Historic St. John’s Episcopal church in Washington was burned.  In Seattle, anti-capitalist Antifa rioters stole cheesecake from bakery owners.   

The riots will damage the black community for decades to come. The Washington Examiner points out that it is minorities who will be hurt the most by the looting, violence and vandalism Jo-Ann Roberts appears to be encouraging white women to participate in: 

It’s reasonable to conclude that the long-term economic costs of this vandalism, rioting, and looting will disproportionately burden minorities — the group this radical activism ostensibly purports to support. 

This isn’t just speculation. It’s exactly what has happened in the past. 

2005 Vanderbilt University study examined the rioting and unrest that broke out in the late 1960s during the civil rights movement. It finds that much of it occurred in minority neighborhoods, such as the predominantly black Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles. 

The study’s authors explain that riots and unrest can have serious economic consequences because the resulting uncertainty and chaos suppress business investment and economic activity. It finds “negative, persistent, and economically significant effects of riots on the value of black-owned housing” to the magnitude of “a 10 percent decline in the total value of black-owned property in cities,” therefore increasing the racial wealth gap. 

No word yet on whether Roberts would consider her own home being looted in the name of social justice to be “valid, “right” and “necessary.”  

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