Irish minister wants to promote women in sports, but won't define what a woman is

Catherine Martin was commenting on a potential referendum that would repeal articles of the Irish constitution that refer to women having a role in the home.

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On Friday's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke with Ben Scallan, an Irish reporter for GRIPT Media, about a clip in which he asks Media Minister Catherine Martin to answer the question, "what is a woman?"

The question is relevant to the discussion of whether or not Ireland should have a referendum to repeal articles of its constitution that refer to women having a role in the home. The constitution references making an effort to ensure that mothers should not have to work out of economic necessity if they want to stay home to raise their children. 

"They say it's sexist and outdated," said Ben. "The government's position is that it's almost like you're saying all women belong in the kitchen and they should stay home, which is really not what it's saying if you read the actual text of it."

Martin took pains to avoid answering Ben's question, saying it's not relevant after all. "We're going to have legislation to remove a word from the constitution without even knowing what that word means," he observed.

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