Is the Windsor Police Service potentially putting public safety at risk in the name of transgender inclusion?

Rebel News received reliable tips that the Windsor Police Service is accommodating Jane Roehler, a male officer identifying as female. David Menzies spoke off the record with some officers who declined to appear on camera due to fears of disciplinary action or termination.

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Astute viewers of Rebel News are likely aware of our recent exclusive report regarding Windsor Police Service cop “Jane” Roehler.

By way of recap, Rebel News was tipped off by reliable sources that the brass at the Windsor Police Service is going out of its way to accommodate Jane Roehler. Don’t let the first name fool you. Roehler is a male cop who is currently pretending to be female. Except when he’s off duty during baseball season — that’s when he allegedly goes back to identifying as “one of the guys” so he can play some hardball.

Roehler allegedly received a baseball scholarship at a U.S. college several years ago.

But for whatever reason, Roehler is currently “identifying” as a female. Sort of. Sources say he’s still attracted to and dates real females. It’s complicated, it would seem…Naturally, this means Roehler routinely goes into the ladies’ change room at police headquarters to change clothes, use the bathroom and shower — even though he still has his full male genitalia.

And sources say this is extremely problematic for female police officers, especially those who are devout Christians and Muslims.

Also problematic: he allegedly is permitted to strip search female suspects.

It’s gross. And the unspoken strategy appears to be virtue signalling. For the WPS, Roehler is a living, breathing example of how the force is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Rebel News engaged in several off-the-record conversations with members of Windsor’s finest. They wouldn’t go on camera, because they fear they will either be disciplined — or even fired.

Worse yet, we were told that Bryce Chandler, who is the Employment and Labour Relations Director and Legal Counsel for WPS allegedly threatened police officers with criminal charges if they continued to voice complaints regarding Roehler. It should be noted that when Chandler was first hired by Windsor Police in December 2018, a Windsor Star story noted: “Chandler vowed in the coming months he will look to improve diversity among employees.”

Later came the creation of an officer responsible for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), Yvonne Ouimet.

As well, in 2022, the WPS tabled a 41-page document entitled, "Windsor Police Service Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan 2022”. It makes for fascinating reading – for all the wrong reasons. This report is obsessed with race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identification. It seems as though it has been plucked for some uber-woke college campus and has precious little to do with law enforcement.

In any event, Rebel News on several occasions reached out to the WPS, hoping to interview Roehler, Chandler, and Ouimet. We contacted WPS via phone, email correspondence, and even two personal visits to WPS headquarters. Not even the Corporate Communications Department will provide a comment or even acknowledge our requests for an interview.

We also reached out to the Mayor of Windsor, Drew Dilkens, who is also the Chair of the Windsor Police Services Board. Again, it’s been radio silence.

Nevertheless, we published our first video last month. Sources say the video “caused a s- - - storm.” A memo entitled, “Standing Together,” was promptly sent out to all members stating the following:

Dear members. Recently a video was released aimed at one of our members. The content of the video was insulting and demeaning. This type of behaviour towards one of our members is deeply disappointing and it is our hope that members will not propagate hatred amongst our own, let alone others.

We want to assure all of you that every single member's safety and wellness is important to our police service and to our community. We know that the Windsor Police Service is proud of its commitment to diversity and, most importantly, proud of the support we have for one another.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to amplify the voices of those combatting the marginalization of transgender people. As police and public safety professionals, we have the privilege to promote, defend, and uphold all human rights. Trans rights are human rights, and we will continue to support all members and work together to eliminate discrimination and targeted hate.

We are all here to protect those who may not be able to protect themselves. That is what we do.

Of note, at no point in the memo is a factual error presented.

As well, while the memo’s author notes: “every single member’s safety and wellness is important to our police service”, what about the safety and wellness of real female police officers who are upset that their change room is being invaded by a biological male?

Indeed, sources claim more than 90% of the officers working for the Windsor Police Service, both female and male, are vehemently against this person being on the force. The remaining single-digit contingent are not necessarily supporters, but rather, they are cops who don’t want to rock the boat. Apparently, being perceived as pro-transgender at the WPS translates into career advancement.

And sources tell Rebel News that the brass at the WPS are allegedly investigating who leaked the information to Rebel News about Roehler. If anyone is identified as a whistleblower, that person will be criminally charged (alas, we have no idea what that criminal charge would be.)

But it gets worse. After our video premiered, a source reached out and told us that Roehler had originally applied to join the Chatham Police Service. He was passed over as a hire because he allegedly failed the psych exam (Rebel News reached out to the CPS but was told that no verification of this information would be forthcoming due to privacy legislation.)

The source says Roehler has either failed the WPS psych test or never took the exam. Again, attempts to verify these allegations have proven fruitless as WPS simply will not communicate. And yet, if these allegations are true, does anyone think that it is a good idea for this individual to carry a gun?

So much for public safety being the prime directive. Because at the Windsor Police Service, apparently this law enforcement entity seems to conduct itself via the motto, “If it’s trans it’s good, and if it’s good it’s trans.”

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  • By David Menzies


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