Biological male Windsor police officer allegedly uses female change rooms at HQ

Meet 'Jane' Roehler. He’s a biological male cop employed by the Windsor Police Service. He reportedly uses the female change rooms and bathrooms at police headquarters. REAL policewomen are furious…

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Just when you thought “transanity” could not get any worse, well, it just did.

We recently embarked on a trip to Windsor, Ont., to track down Cody D’Entremont. We would love to interview him to see what makes him tick. You see, last year, Cody “transitioned” into a woman and started brandishing the name “Desiree Anderson.” While staying at a shelter, he allegedly sexually assaulted a real woman. That prompted Windsor police to charge Cody/Desiree with sexual assault.

Today, Cody no longer identifies as a female, but as a feline. You read that correctly. He’s allegedly prowling the streets of Windsor donning bits and pieces of a cat costume. He/she is evidently a trans-cat now. We wish we were making this up, but we’re not.

However, while in Windsor, we stumbled across another story involving radical transgenderism and the Windsor police. And it’s mindboggling.

Namely, Rebel News was tipped off by reliable sources that the brass at the Windsor Police Service (WPS) is going out of its way to accommodate Jane Roehler – a male cop who is currently pretending to be female. Except off duty during baseball season. That’s when he allegedly goes back to identifying as one of the guys to play a little hardball.

It’s complicated…

But when Roehler is employed at his day job, he identifies as a woman (would you believe, “person with a vagina”?)

Naturally, this means Roehler routinely goes into the ladies’ change room at police headquarters to change clothes, use the bathroom, and shower. He allegedly has breast implants, but still has his full male genitalia. Apparently he is not “all-in” when it comes to committing to 'Team Femme.'

And sources say this is extremely problematic for female police officers, especially those who are devout Christians and Muslims.

And he stands out like a sore thumb. One source says he stands about 6'5 and weighs in at approximately 250 lbs. He allegedly still likes women. And he allegedly gets to strip search female suspects.

It’s gross. And the unspoken strategy appears to be virtue signaling. Lady Jane is a living, breathing example of how the force is committed to diversity.

Rebel News engaged in several off-the-record conversations with members of Windsor’s finest. They wouldn’t go on camera, because they fear they will either be disciplined or even fired.

Worse yet, we were told that Bryce Chandler, who is the Employment and Labour Relations Director and Legal Counsel for WPS allegedly threatened police officers with criminal charges if they continued to voice complaints regarding Roehler. It should be noted that when Chandler was first hired by Windsor police in December 2018, a Windsor Star story noted: “Chandler vowed in the coming months he will look to improve diversity among employees.”

Later came the creation of an officer responsible for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Yvonne Ouimet.

As well, in 2022, the WPS tabled a 41-page document entitled, "Windsor Police Service Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan 2022”. It makes for fascinating reading – for all the wrong reasons. This report is obsessed with race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identification. It seems as though it has been plucked for some uber-woke college campus and has precious little to do with law enforcement.

There is also much chatter about the mental wellbeing of Jane Roehler; many have concerns that he has access to a gun.

Sources claim more than 90% of the officers working for the Windsor Police Service, both female and male, are vehemently against this person being on the force. The remaining single-digit contingent are not necessarily supporters, but rather, they are cops who don’t want to rock the boat. Apparently, being perceived as pro-transgender at the WPS translates into career advancement.

Rebel News reached out to the Windsor Police Service by phone and email; we even made a personal visit to WPS headquarters. We sought interviews with Chandler, Ouitmet, the Chief of Police, Jane Roehler, and/or anyone who would come on camera. No one would do so.

We also sent seven questions to the Communications Department of the WPS. At time of writing, no response had been received nor was our email even acknowledged.

For what it’s worth, here’s what we asked:

  1. What is your response to those policewomen who are very uncomfortable with a biological male invading a female safe space?
    2. I understand some of the policewomen in the force are devout Christians and Muslims who are unhappy with this accommodation of Mr. Roehler. Why are they not being accommodated?
    3. If Mr. Roehler is identifying as female (despite his male genitalia) why does this individual allegedly play in a male baseball league in the summer?
    4. I have been told that if police officers continue to voice complaints about Mr. Roehler they will be charged with harassment. Allegedly, this was a threat made by Mr. Chandler. Are these allegations indeed true?
    5. I have also been told by sources that the real reason for hiring this individual is virtue signalling as opposed to merit. In other words, having a so-called “transwoman” on staff makes a statement regarding the WPS commitment to “diversity.” Is this really the unspoken reason for hiring and accommodating Mr. Roehler? Of note, when Mr. Chandler was first appointed by the WPS in December 2018, a Windsor Star story noted that Chandler “vowed in the coming months to improve diversity among employees.” Is the hiring of Mr. Roehler an example of Mr. Chandler’s commitment to diversity?
    6. I understand that there are concerns by WPS rank and file police officers that this individual might have mental health issues. These concerns are further amplified by the fact that this individual has access to lethal force. Has his mental wellbeing been taken into consideration?
    7. I understand that an all-gender bathroom/change room at Police HQ is under construction. Is that correct? If so, will Mr. Roehler be compelled to use this facility? If not, why? Wouldn’t this be a solution to the real women on the police force who are upset with him changing in the female change room?

Again, so far, radio silence.

Then again, it should be noted that the Windsor Police Service mission statement now reads as follows: “Our mission is to equip all our members with the education and skills to navigate difference with empathy and understanding. Ensuring that policies and procedures include an equitable and inclusive lens that mitigates for biases impacting service quality and effectiveness is a key priority to leadership, and the purpose and mission of the Windsor Police Service.”

Interesting. We thought that the purpose and mission of the Windsor Police Service would be to… enforce the law. But apparently catering to a man who pretends to be a woman is a brilliant demonstration of “diversity” – and the brass at the WPS are seemingly obsessed with diversity.

And in the meantime, according to sources, morale on the force continues to plunge. Sad.

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