CATastrophe! First, Cody D’Entremont ‘identified’ as a female to get into a women’s shelter, now he’s allegedly identifying as a feline?!

'It's a women's shelter, it should be for women, not for men that dress-up like women,' said a female resident at the Welcome Centre Shelter.

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Transanity continues… and this time it is not just about gender-bending, but rather, a member of homo sapiens in Windsor, Ont., is allegedly now ‘identifying” as a…cat?!

You may recall the story of 32-year-old Cody D’Entremont. Several months ago, Cody decided to “reimagine” himself as a woman. He even took on a new name, 'Desiree Anderson.'

This was a key part of his plan to gain admission to a Windsor women’s shelter. And incredibly, the folks running the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women & Families thought it was perfectly acceptable to allow this biological male grifter to reside with biological women seeking a safe space.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, in April, a shelter resident contacted Windsor Police, claiming that Cody/Desiree had sexually assaulted her. Cody/Desiree went into hiding, but eventually turned himself into police and was arrested.

But this sordid saga is nothing short of stunning: why would those responsible for running a safe space for women allow a man into their shelter in the first place? Isn’t this akin to incarcerating the fox inside the henhouse?

We recently paid a visit to Windsor to find out what is going on at this shelter. Can you believe it? As we were recording the introduction to our report on a public sidewalk, two uber-woke twentysomething female shelter employees approached us. Despite the sexual assault allegations regarding Cody/Desiree, these employees defaulted to the “trans women are real women” shtick and said they are committed to so-called trans rights.

But get this: upset with our impolite questions, they called the police! Yes, for these staffers, a man pretending to be a woman and then carrying out an alleged sexual assault is an example of diversity and inclusion. But the practice of journalism in a public place is apparently verboten?

And just when you thought this story could not get any more surreal, it does. That’s because Rebel News was informed by several sources that Cody/Desiree currently identifies as a… cat?! Indeed, we were told that Cody/Desiree can be spotted strolling down the streets of downtown Windsor, sporting cat props such as pointy ears and a tail. Madness.

Indeed, it’s hard to believe the left hails the likes of Cody/Desiree as an example of diversity as opposed to treating this loon as the poster boy for why insane asylums need to be reestablished. And the sooner the better…

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