Islamism: a supremacist ideology aiming to destroy the West | Sohail Raza explains Islam vs Islamism

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I am Sohail Raza, a Muslim who is deeply concerned about the state of affairs regarding the Islamist ideology which led to the horrific tragedies in France.

Only three international leaders have, until today, sounded alarm bells and given statements about the dangers of the Islamist threat.

  1. The honourable Stephen Harper, former prime minister of Canada
  2. President Donald Trump of the United States
  3. Most recently, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron

In the coming days and months you’ll be hearing a lot about Islamism, so let me explain exactly what Islamism is.

Islam is the youngest of the monotheistic faiths, and is followed by 1.8 billion people. It was preceded by Judaism and Christianity. Islamism on the other hand is a supremacist political ideology aiming to destroy the West and its value system.

Who propagates Islamism? The Muslim Brotherhood. The group has a mandate that the West and its values are evil, so they need to be penetrated from within, weakened and then destroyed.

Which countries are the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology? Iran, Qatar, Malaysia and Turkey.

There are other Muslim countries that have dangerous ideologies, but these are the countries that align with the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology.

Is the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology present in the West? Most definitely. It can be found in the political structure of Canada, as well as in the U.S. where Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a prime example.

There are numerous mosques and Islamist organizations that are present in Canada, so how do they operate?

When new immigrants come to Canada, many of them are sucked into these mosques and organizations. The people who come to the country, the ones who are hot-headed and have already been fed a diet of hate and dehumanization, are the low hanging fruit which the Islamists cultivate as ticking time bombs.

This is exactly what happened in France.

Unless all citizens, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, politicians, and law enforcement wake up to the Islamist threat, the circle of violence against our freedoms will continue indefinitely.

To get a better understanding of the problem, it’s worth watching Clarion Project’s short documentary, By the Numbers.

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