Jacinta Price calls out Labor's 'woke' federal budget

MP says government is 'going woke and making Australians broke'

Jacinta Price calls out Labor's 'woke' federal budget
Jacinta Price / ABC
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Senator Jacinta Price has accused the Albanese Government of “going woke and making Australians broke” in a blistering attack on the budget.

Price was scathing of the government’s decision to spend millions on a Voice to Parliament that would “ignore the voices of the vulnerable”.

“Don't worry though, because $7m will go toward the public service to lower emissions,” she said.

“Perhaps they'll develop a way of capturing and storing methane gas emission from office toilets? God help us all!”

Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered the Albanese government’s first budget on Tuesday.

The Northern Territory Senator said she could not understand how the government could spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the Voice while breaking an $8.3m commitment to provide student accommodation for children at Yipirinya School in Alice Springs.

“They have, however, invested $5.8m toward a Makarrata Commission, which will no doubt prop up the elite Aboriginal Grievance Industry for no clear purpose or practical outcomes toward improving the lives of our most disadvantaged.”

The proposed Makarrata Commission would supervise the process for agreement making and truth-telling between Indigenous people and the government

Price described the government’s financial plan as “a Bitcoin Budget because it is based on an exclusive economy that serves an elite few and locks out everyday Australians”.

“They've lied when they've said they've delivered on election promises,” she said.

“After all instead of getting $275 slashed from your power bill, electricity prices will increase by 50 per cent, and Australians will be $2,000 worse off by Christmas.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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