Jacqui Lambie reminded of 'unhinged' speech amid Lidia Thorpe response

Twitter reminds independent senator of her own controversies after she piles on fellow independent Lidia Thorpe.

Jacqui Lambie reminded of 'unhinged' speech amid Lidia Thorpe response
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In the wake of the controversy involving independent senator Lidia Thorpe, Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has found herself facing backlash on social media for she decided to chime in on Thorpe's latest actions.

Lambie urged Thorpe to "take responsibility for her actions" in a recent interview, sparking criticism from users who pointed out Lambie's own unhinged statements at the height of the pandemic.

Lambie stated, "I would say this to Lidia: you just cannot keep doing this. A good start would be admitting you are part of the problem, and the responsibility [for] your own actions needs to be taken into your own hands."

However, social media users were quick to remind Lambie of her own contentious statements regarding the rights of unvaccinated Australians, some of which have not aged well since the Covid-19 pandemic fizzled out.

Former NBA star Andrew Bogut took to Twitter to call out Lambie, sharing a reminder of her past and writing, "Remember this @JacquiLambie? Popped up on my feed and had to give you a shoutout. Good one for the scrapbook."

In 2021, Lambie was vocal in her fierce opposition to One Nation's vaccine discrimination bill and her criticism of the party's leader, Pauline Hanson.

She vehemently disagreed with the idea that unvaccinated individuals were being discriminated against, asserting that people have choices and that these choices come with consequences.

Lambie targeted unvaccinated Australians who were worried about being forced to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in order to maintain their employment.

She predicted that "the tide is going to turn" against anti-vaxxers within the community. "Being held accountable for your actions isn't called discrimination, it's called being a goddamn bloody adult," Lambie said in her speech.

Lambie also accused One Nation of using the bill as a means to raise funds. "The problem is politicians like Senator Hanson and Senator (Malcolm) Roberts are using people’s fear to boost their own election campaigns, and they are using fear to make money, and that’s what this is about from One Nation," she said.

Despite the support of five government senators who crossed the floor, the Senate ultimately rejected the bill.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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