Protest erupts when Kawartha Dairy bans employees from flying “fringe” and even CANADIAN flags

The company has bent the knee to Trudeau supporters who are upset by certain flags — including the flag that sits atop Parliament Hill.

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As the saying goes: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. But when it comes to the Kawartha Dairy store in Newmarket, Ont., it appears some people are screaming for censorship these days. And worse yet, the company has bent the knee to Trudeau supporters who are upset by certain flags — including the flag that sits atop Parliament Hill!

Alas, there’s nothing too small for the cancel culture mob to target. This time, the object of their disdain was an SUV belonging to Newmarket Kawartha Dairy employee, Donna Sfetcos. At issue? Her vehicle displayed flags and slogans supporting the freedom convoy movement.

According to an article in the state-funded media outlet the Newmarket Era, an assistant manager at the store said they became aware of the issue on the morning of June 7 after an “angry and adamant” customer called to complain. That’s right, ONE customer complained. But apparently that’s all it takes for a corporation to fold these days.

Oh, it should be noted that given that the Newmarket Era is part of the Media Party, it published fake news pertaining to this story. Case in point: Newmarket Era stenographer Heidi Riedner stated: “Most of the ire was directed against alleged ‘F*** Trudeau’ flags on the dark-coloured SUV parked beside the drive-through window.”

Just one little hitch. There were zero “F--- Trudeau” flags on Donna’s SUV. There were “We the Fringe” flags and Canadian flags. Thus, we must ponder if poor Heidi Riedner suffers from impaired vision… or perhaps English is her second language? Incidentally, while “F--- Trudeau” might be a vulgar sentiment, so what? Since when is vulgarity a criminal act?

Regardless, instead of telling the pro-Trudeau camp to take a hike, the Kawartha Dairy head office actually acquiesced to their demands. Dana Somerville, who oversees Kawartha Dairy’s retail stores, stated: “Although there was no profanity on the flags, we have spoken to the employee, who has removed the flags from their vehicle. Kawartha Dairy prides ourselves on being an inclusive company who treats everyone like family and respects the personal opinions of our employees and our customers."

Interesting… Kawartha Dairy is allegedly “an inclusive company”… except when someone is offended by a non-existent “F--- Trudeau” flag — in which case, Kawartha Dairy practices excluding the opinions of others? Such as those who support the freedom convoy? Amazing.

But the slogan “We the Fringe” is not vulgar; in fact, “fringe” is the word used by Trudeau and his fellow Liberal MPs to describe members of the freedom convoy.

Yet, even more inexplicable is that Canadian flags are also under the ban! Apparently, Pride, BLM and Ukrainian flags are OK, but Kawartha Dairy believes a red and white flag bearing the maple leaf is triggering to some people? Wow…

But last Saturday, the “fringe” struck back. A few hundred freedom fighters, many driving pickup trucks festooned with – shockers! – Canadian flags, showed up at the Newmarket Kawartha Dairy store. They wanted two things: that the company reverse its insane flag policy, and offer Donna an apology. Donna said she was blown away by the support; alas, nobody associated with Kawartha Dairy would come on camera to provide comment.

In the days ahead, Donna says she will continue to drive her SUV to work with the fringe flags and the Canadian flags affixed to her vehicle. It will be fascinating to see if Kawartha Dairy actually disciplines or fires this employee for doing so. Stay tuned.

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