EXCLUSIVE: Lashing and beating of two gay men ruled not a hate crime

EXCLUSIVE: Lashing and beating of two gay men ruled not a hate crime
Ahmed Borhot will not be charged with a hate crime
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The Calgary Police Service has advised Rebel News that the two Muslim men from an immigrant family, who were photographed lashing and beating of two gay Calgary men, will not be charged with a hate crime.

According to police, the violent assault was “found not to be a hate motivated incident.”

This decision was made by investigators because there was apparently “no evidence to actually confirm [that the sexual orientation of the gay men] was why the altercation occurred.”

Ahmed Borhot allegedly whipped two gay men with a belt, and photographic evidence suggests his brother threw a large recycling bin at them, as the gay couple reportedly walked arm-in-arm near the Bow River.

Ahmed Borhot wielding a belt and stone while his brother prepares to launch his “shield”

At one point Ahmed Borhot was pictured holding a stone in his fist, and a friend of the gay couple reported that they suffered concussions and lacerations, and were treated in hospital after the altercation.

The mainstream media trod carefully around this story, ignoring it until public outcry overwhelmed them following Rebel News’s original reporting. The Calgary Police have also stayed tight lipped on the story, but are supposedly releasing information on lesser charges laid on the brothers from the Muslim immigrant family later today.

This story is developing…

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