'Let kids be kids,' says conservative trans identifying woman

'We need to allow kids to be kids and provide them with the support they need,' Blaine Badiuk told Rebel News. 'It's crucial to start with therapy and provide a safe space for teenagers to explore their identities.'

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Blaine Badiuk, a proud conservative and trans-identifying woman, recently spoke with Rebel News at the Canada Strong and Free Network conference in Ottawa. She stressed the importance of unity within the conservative movement and the need for common-sense policies across the country.

"I'm happy to be here at CSFN with a thousand other conservatives [from] across the country who want to unite our movement and move forward with common sense," said Badiuk.

Addressing misconceptions about conservatives and their stance on transgender issues, Badiuk highlighted the need for policies that protect children and women without being labelled 'transphobic'.

"Conservatives get a very bad rap, but that couldn't be further from the truth," Badiuk remarked. "I've been here for three days and haven't received any hate. This should be the most unsafe place for me according to the left and media, but it's actually the safest."

Badiuk addressed the importance of free speech and the ability to express differing ideas within the conservative community. Regarding transgender teenagers, Badiuk advocated for support and parental involvement, stressing the need for a balanced approach that prioritizes building stronger families.

"We need to allow kids to be kids and provide them with the support they need," Badiuk stated. "It's crucial to start with therapy and provide a safe space for teenagers to explore their identities."

When questioned about backlash from the LGBT community for holding conservative views, Badiuk acknowledged some opposition but stressed the diversity within the LGBT community and the importance of respectful dialogue.

In discussing education, Badiuk expressed support for critical thinking and communication skills in schools, highlighting the role teachers play in fostering engaged members of society.

Badiuk concluded by advocating for honest conversations and meaningful efforts towards inclusivity, stating, "If we return to the principle that every human is equal under the law, we can move closer to a truly diverse and inclusive future." She also acknowledges the some of the bad people who are using the umbrella for other purposes: "There are some bad faith actors. I have continuously called them out. We've seen it. Then we have genuine trans women whom we try to support and integrate into society."

In addressing concerns about transgender participation in sports, Badiuk supported a balanced approach that ensures fairness and safety for all athletes.

As a prominent voice at the intersection of conservatism and transgender rights, Blaine Badiuk continues to advocate for unity, common sense, and inclusivity within the conservative movement and society at large.

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  • By David Menzies


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