Liberals spend $7 million to promote climate website no one's ever heard of

A poll from 2023 showed that the majority of young Canadians don't rank climate change in their top three electoral priorities.

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The Liberals plan to spend nearly seven million dollars to promote a climate change website that no one visits.

Today, I'll show you how much the Liberals have spent, how much more they are going to spend, and just how few people know their climate scare website even exists.

If you got all your news from the mainstream media, you would think that Canadians' number one priority is climate change. But a poll from the summer of 2023 by Abacus Data shows that even young people don't care all that much about climate change. It's rarely in the top five of electoral issues across all demographics. Young people, who have just come out of the climate change brainwashing factories of public school, routinely don't even put it in their top three electoral priorities — only one in four put it in the top three. Housing affordability and accessibility appear much more frequently.

I would love to see more recent polling on this. As the carbon tax goes up, the weather fails to support the Liberals' climate tithing schemes, and young people see the ability to afford to live independently as an unattainable daydream instead of an achievable goal. Many past Trudeau voters are getting mugged by reality, reassessing their priorities, and landing firmly in the Conservative camp.

However, all of this data and opinion trends are falling on deaf ears with the Liberals. They continue to throw good money after bad ideas, trying to prove to themselves that average Canadians are just as hysterical and extreme on climate change as they and the mainstream media are.

This latest example shows how out of touch the Liberals are. It comes to us through an order paper question posed by Manitoba Conservative MP Dan Mazier. He wanted to know how much money the Liberals had spent promoting a climate change website that I am sure you have never heard of:

The official Canadian government website on the climate crisis, which the government spent $3.1 million to promote over 3 months. For 72,000 hits.

That's 42 dollars per website visit. And I think many of those visits are accidental, with the government benefiting from having the top-of-mind catchphrase Climate Crisis in the website name. And how many of those hits were government staffers and website developers checking their work?

The Liberals have budgeted another 3.7 million to promote it going forward.

I hope the Liberals never stop ignoring Canadians. The polling shows that Conservatives are on track to deliver the Liberals the largest election blowout in a generation, with a Conservative supermajority of a predicted 207 seats.

The election could be a year away, but the Liberals refuse to listen to Canadians pleading with them to make life more affordable and to back off the carbon tax. They're going to be rightly punished at the polls for their policies, which punished Canadians so brutally.

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