Hundreds gather in Toronto for celebration of Hamas terror attacks against Israel

Across Canada rallies in support of Hamas continue despite condemnation from elected officials after Israel's deadliest terror attack in history. Toronto sees one of the largest gatherings yet with a heavy police presence.

Hundreds gather in Toronto for celebration of Hamas terror attacks against Israel
PHOTO: Efrain Monstanto
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Hours after Hamas-led terror attack which targeted a music festival in Israel, leaving over 700+ Israelis and international tourists dead, pro-Palestine protesters sent out a call for action for those supporting the "heroic resistance."

Pro Hamas Protest Toronto

Rebel journalists are on the ground to capture what the corporate and state-controlled media won't. Lincoln Jay, David Menzies, and Efrain Monstanto will be providing live updates throughout the day.

Elected leaders across Canada have denounced the numerous rallies that have sprung up in support of the terror attack. Far-left Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow has also condemned the event, after deleting a controversial tweet justifying violence. 

"The government of Canada has rightly listed Hamas as a terrorist organization and we simply must not tolerate any support of terror, full stop." 

Ontario Progressive Conservative Premier, Doug Ford had stronger words to say.

"The hate rallies celebrating the kidnapping and slaughtering of innocent Israeli people by terrorists are reprehensible and disgusting. They have no place in Ontario."

This comes a day after the party-like atmosphere in Mississauga, where demonstrators celebrated the attacks at Ridgeway Plaza for hours, honking car horns, dancing, and chanting in support of the attack against civilians.

Happening right now in Toronto:

Rebel reporter Avi Yemini is heading to Israel to find out what's really happening on the frontlines of the conflict. If you are willing and able to help us in this important endeavor, you can contribute using the donation form on this page or at

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