Major study shows men most at risk of myocardial death after mRNA vaccinations

A recent meta-analysis determines a statistically significant increase in cardiac-related deaths following the administration of the novel injections, citing the harm of cookie-cutter medicine.

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Master surgeon Doctor Greg Marchand recently conducted a meta-analysis that found statistically significant increases in cardiac-related deaths in the 28, 30 and 42 days following the administration of the novel injections.

The analysis, titled “Risk of all-cause and cardiac-related mortality after vaccination against COVID-19: A meta-analysis of self-controlled case series studies,” validates the work of Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo.

It found that while there was no significant association between COVID-19 vaccination and all-cause mortality, there was a statistically increased risk of cardiac-related mortality post-injection, especially for males.

“The results of this study re-emphasize how important it is for every physician to weigh the risks and benefits of mRNA vaccination for each patient based on their individual health and risk factors,” Marchand stated in a press release. There truly can be no cookie-cutter medicine in the decision of whether or not to vaccinate.”

In September 2021 concerned Torontonian and independent data analyst Kelly Brown began dissecting Public Health Ontario’s raw data sets on post-COVID injection adverse events and sounded the alarm on a similar discovery.

The data showed an outrageous incidence rate of myocarditis in 12 to 17-year-old males post-second COVID-19 injection as occurring in every 1 in 8,500 vaccine recipients.

Brown discovered that once the reports of post-injection heart inflammation were broken down by age and sex, young males were going to be immensely (and perhaps irreversibly) harmed by the shots that were not adequately assessed for their risk profile by Canadian health authorities.

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