Mark Carney condemns David Menzies arrest, says Canada needs to be energy superpower

The former central bank governor and potential next Liberal leader told Rebel News that Canada needs to embrace its energy sector, and said the Jan. 8 arrest of reporter David Menzies was 'absolutely the wrong thing to do.'

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Mark Carney, the former governor of the banks of Canada and England, who now serves as a climate envoy for the United Nations, is a regular attendee of the World Economic Forum.

Rebel News boss Ezra Levant and Chief Australian Correspondent Avi Yemini were able to catch up with Carney again this year at the WEF's annual summit as he was walking on the streets of Davos, Switzerland.

Carney has been billed as a potential successor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, discussing the possibility in a November 2023 interview with the Globe and Mail

With the Liberals trailing far behind the Conservatives in the polls, Carney could look to challenge Pierre Poilievre should Trudeau step aside as leader. Poilievre and Carney have even traded barbs, with the Conservative leader labelling Carney the “incoming leader of the Liberal party.”

The former central banker responded in the Globe interview, criticizing Poilievre as having “slogans that sound good, that sound appealing, that ultimately are detrimental,” and suggesting he lacks experience.

“I’m the one in the conversation who’s actually been in business, who actually is in business, and makes decisions,” Carney told the Globe.

Rebel News' Avi Yemini asked Carney if he had any advice for Trudeau ahead of the next election, which must be held on or before October 20, 2025. “That's really good of you to follow Canadian politics that close,” Carney coyly quipped.

Ezra Levant followed up, noting Trudeau is down in polls among female voters, a key demographic for the Liberals. Taking political advice from a central banker, Carney said, “was never a good idea.”

With much of Canada experiencing extremely cold weather recently, and Albertans facing rolling blackouts as temperatures dipped to around -40 C, the interview shifted to energy policies. Carney told Rebel News Canada needs to build its energy grid.

“You can't switch before you build it out, number one,” Carney said. “Regardless of the form of energy we have, is also to have what's called a capacity market alongside the electricity market.”

Levant questioned if this meant Carney thought Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault's plan was too much, too soon.

“Look, we're in a position where we have been an energy superpower, we can continue to be an energy superpower,” Carney told Rebel News. “We've always had the ability to develop new sources of energy.”

When Russia invaded Ukraine, European countries were seeking an alternative supply of liquified natural gas. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came to Canada in 2022 looking to strike a deal, only for Trudeau to say there was “never been a strong business case” to export LNG to Europe. Instead, Germany reached a deal with Qatar.

Asked about this failure, Carney said Canada lacked the train infrastructure required to ship the LNG to Europe.

Reacting to the arrest of Rebel reporter David Menzies, Carney said it was “absolutely the wrong thing to do.” Tough questions, he said, were a part of being a public figure. 

“You guys [Rebel News] ask tough questions, and that's fair,” he stated.

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