Maverick candidates make their case to Albertan voters

Sheila Gunn Reid and Adam Soos speak to Maverick Party candidates Jeff Dunham and Andrea Lee about their respective campaigns in Sturgeon River-Parkland and Calgary-Shepard and why Albertan voters should put Maverick's in Parliament.

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A November 2019 Ipsos poll indicated that support for western separatism was at an all-time high:

59 per cent of respondents from across Canada agreed with the statement that the country is “more divided than ever” — 20 per cent strongly agreed, while 39 per cent somewhat agreed.

The data was even more revealing in Western Canada, with 79 per cent of Albertans and 77 per cent of Saskatchewanians agreeing that country was “more divided than ever.”

The same poll also found increasing support for separation from Canada in Alberta and Saskatchewan: 33 per cent of Alberta respondents and 27 per cent of Saskatchewan respondents indicated their respective provinces would be better off without the rest of the country.

That was a pandemic lockdown and 2 years worth of divisive rhetoric from all political parties ago.

Former premier Ralph Klein once attributed his political success to the ability to determine which way the parade was going and then jump in front of it. The disgruntled parade of disaffected westerners is already marching, and the Maverick Party wants to lead it.

The Maverick Party describes itself as the “West's Federal Party,” running candidates only in Western Canada. While to win in Western Canada, a party must have strong conservative sensibilities, the Mavericks, led by former Harper-era Conservative Party MP and former whip Jay Hill, are making decisions on policy by a litmus test of "is it good for the West?"

The Maverick Party, despite polling showing the mainstream levels of separatist sentiment in Alberta, gets very little media coverage.

To fill the void left by the mainstream media, Adam Soos and I undertook interviews with Maverick candidates Andrea Lee from the riding of Calgary-Shepard and Jeff Dunham from Sturgeon River-Parkland to ask them about their key policy issues, why they chose the Maverick Party and why fed-up Conservatives should vote for them.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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