Maxime Bernier: ‘You have the right to insult me, we are in a free country’

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, People's Party leader Maxime Bernier joined to discuss the future of the PPC and his thoughts on what happened in Canada in 2022.

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Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada spoke to Ezra about the importance of our ideas and making sure we can talk about them in the public space without being shut down by those who disagree and wish to silence dissent.

"I was a censored on social media last year on Twitter," said Bernier. "I was shadow banned there. Now it's okay with the new owner of Twitter."

"You can have debates on Twitter, but what they're doing, these radical leftists, they don't want to have any debates. And so the only way to control the population is to censor and doing censorship like they're doing right now, you know, with Jordan Peterson, all these regulatory bodies and authoritarian politicians don't want any debates."

Bernier added:

We're going to win that debate with arguments, which reason they don't want that. So they try to censor us and with that bill and these maybe not that well, that's the case. I'm very worried about that.

You have the right to insult me. It's we are in a free country. Let's enjoy that. And the best one will win If you have both arguments, the left and the right.

"You mentioned Jordan Peterson," said Ezra. "I understand that's why you were in town today. There was a protest in support of him. Talk a little bit about him."

Bernier responded:

He's a leader.  He has a vision for his country. And, you know, he wants to help us, Canadians and other people to be successful.

And now what is happening to him, you know, they try to silence him. They they don't want his voice out there because they cannot compete with that, with arguments with reason.

And so, yes, I was here in Toronto this afternoon and we had the rally in support of Jordan Peterson, but also Ezra in support of all courageous Canadians that lost their job because of their convictions, because of their ideas.

And that is happening right now in Canada, in a free country that is supposed to be free. So I don't like that It's very dangerous.

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