Media Watch host disputes Meta fact-checker's 'false information' label

RMIT FactLab once again called out over its false labelling of news events.

Media Watch host disputes Meta fact-checker's 'false information' label
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ABC Media Watch entered the argument over the Uluru Statement from the Heart's length, defending Sky News host Peta Credlin against Facebook's "False information" labelling.

Credlin previously ignited tensions this month by revealing a 26-page version of the Uluru Statement, sourced through a freedom of information act.

The report caused a stir as prominent figures, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, persisted that the Uluru Statement was merely one page leading to Meta's fact-checker, RMIT FactLab, labelling Credlin's journalism as "misleading."

In July, Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini revealed the secret agreement between RMIT and Meta, exposing a quota-based commercial fact arrangement worth up to half a million dollars a year.

The hidden commercial agreement, revealing how the university generates $800 per each "fact check" it publishes, was brought to light during court proceedings after RMIT FactLab falsely labelled a Rebel News report.

RMIT has faced heavy criticism on social media and claims of bias against conservative viewpoints, with critics alleging support of left-wing positions in its fact-checking, especially surrounding the "Yes" vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum.

Media Watch's Paul Barry criticised Facebook’s overseer, Meta, and its reliance on the RMIT fact check.

“The Uluru statement is expressed on one page, but... many more pages of notes and background discuss topics like treaties and reparations,” he said, suggesting a "disputed" tag would have been more suitable.

Adding layers to the debate, Uluru Statement author Professor Megyn Davis had earlier described it as an "18 to 20 pages" document, only to later challenge Credlin's claims of its lengthiness.

Various evidence from Professor Davis over years support the extended length of the statement. This includes her 2018 Parkes Oration and several other public mentions where she consistently alluded to the statement's comprehensive nature.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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