Meet Xavier Watso: Exposing woke TikTok teacher in Montreal

Xavier Watso is a two-spirited activist and influencer — and a teacher at Louis Riel High School.

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Who is teaching today's children? Here is an important question to ask ourselves.

How many parents wonder about what sort of influences their children are being subjected to all day at school? Education is a privilege. Sometimes, you don't remember what you learned specifically, but it forced your mind to analyze what surrounds you.

The woke movement and its influence have no place in schools. But what if this mental awakening was influenced by the ideologies and positions of the person in charge of your children?

What if I added to this that there is a teacher in a school — an influencer on TikTok, Indigenous activist, self-proclaimed “two-spirited” — producing dubious videos that he presents on his social networks and his nonsense is likely followed by many of his students?

This type of teacher wears his politics on his sleeve and does not respect the code of ethics of teachers, therefore today we launch a petition to expose these teachers who come to disturb the learning of children and subvert parents at

One of these teachers is Xavier Watso from Louis Riel High school. He has posted some pretty disturbing videos, especially considering he is a high school teacher. In this video, I will let you watch the magnitude of the situation and if you agree that he should be removed from his teaching duties, please sign our petition.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

PETITION: Expose Xavier Watso

5,377 signatures
Goal: 10,000 Signatures

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