Million MAGA March descends into CHAOS as Black Lives Matter, Antifa ATTACK Trump supporters | Kim Klacik reports

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The Million MAGA March held in Washington, D.C. on November 14 started out as a very peaceful gathering of tens of thousands of patriotic Americans. Unfortunately, two unwanted groups — Black Lives Matter and Antifa — showed up, and all hell broke loose.

I'm Kimberly Klacik, a former Republican candidate for Baltimore, Maryland, and I was on the ground in Washington covering the rally for Rebel News.

Supporters of President Trump from across the United States showed up. The president himself even drove by with his motorcade, despite the security nightmare I'm sure that created for the Secret Service. But when the sun went down, that's when BLM and Antifa came out to cause trouble.

These agitators understand they can get away with this, because Washington is an area completely dominated politically by Democrats.

Barack Obama even admitted in a 60 Minutes interview this weekend that this type of behaviour started before President Trump even took office. These Democrat run cities would surely listen if he encouraged the local authorities to take action. Yet he did nothing to try and deter it, because to him, it was justified since it's in the name of fighting racism.

After all of the violence this weekend, only 21 people were arrested. We saw way more than 21 people engage in violence, but this is what happens in Democrat controlled cities.

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