'More oil by 2030': Saskatchewan premier condemns Trudeau's 'just transition', advocates for selling more energy to Europe and joins forces with Alberta

The premier caught up with Rebel News during his visit to the Global Energy Show in Calgary.

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Known for defending his province against federal intrusions like vaccine mandates and digital data harvesting — compared to other premiers  Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has joined forces with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith at the Global Energy Show.

We interviewed Premier Moe during his attendance, where he discussed many issues relating to the energy industry, such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's supposed ‘just transition’.

“We can’t actually sit down and, you know, take part in these regional roundtables if that’s...what we’re going to discuss at those tables. Volkswagen, Stellantis, they didn’t sit at regional roundtables, so most certainly we won’t be in Saskatchewan. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to work with the federal government,” Moe said, later highlighting the need to focus on job preservation, ensuring food and energy security, and doing so in a sustainable way.

In terms of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Moe highlighted the need for Canadian liquified natural gas port facilities on Canada's east coast. Moe also mentioned how discussions about suppling eastern European nations with uranium from Saskatchewan are ongoing, and how this could help these countries offset their reliance on Russian exports.

Moe also talked about his working relationship and meetings he's had with Danielle Smith during his time here in Alberta, emphasizing how aligned their values and perspectives are. Moe also took to condemning Trudeau’s federal oil production cap.

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