Mr. Greens FINED: Cannabis accessory shop ticketed for reopening in Ontario

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Mr. Greens Novelties is a small cannabis accessories retailer in Sudbury Ontario. Owners Daphne and Shawn Donaldson are doing their best to survive the lockdown, the stay at home order, and diminished sales because they are limited to only curbside pick up.

In fact, Mr. Greens used to have a second location, but it was euthanized by Premier Doug Ford's COVID restrictions on retail businesses earlier in the pandemic.

I first met the Donaldsons when they reached out to us through our special portal for entrepreneurs defying the COVID closures of their businesses, At the time, they told me curbside pick up doesn't work for their kind of shop because their customers come to them with questions about new products that are best answered face to face. It's a brand new industry, after all.

I even interviewed the Donaldsons, but before their video with me went live, the cops were at their store hammering them with thousands of dollars in fines for opening their doors to in-person shopping again. It was that fast!

So much for Doug Ford's old motto of Ontario being “Open for Business.”

Daphne and Shawn need our help to fight these tickets. They just want to be left alone to serve their customers, pay their bills, and contribute to their community. Rebel News is putting them in touch with a top criminal lawyer at no cost to them because giving good service your customers shouldn't be illegal.

If you'd like to help Daphne and Shawn, you can donate today at our largest civil liberties project ever,

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  • By David Menzies


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