National COVID -19 inquiry set to unveil groundbreaking final report detailing pandemic response impacts

The citizen-led inquiry is ready to release the commission's comprehensive final report after travelling across Canada for several weeks in the spring of 2023 to analyze the impact of COVID-19-related public health measures imposed by various authorities.

National COVID -19 inquiry set to unveil groundbreaking final report detailing pandemic response impacts
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The National Citizen's Inquiry (NCI) will gather tomorrow for a virtual hearing to release the final report from the commissioners.

This citizen-led, citizen-funded investigation into the Canadian COVID-19 response spanned two months from March to May and travelled across Canada to hear testimonies from both expert and non-expert individuals affected by purported health protection measures.

The release of a final report will mark the “culmination of our extensive investigation into Canada’s response to COVID-19,” an email statement from the NCI reads.

The report is said to include recommendations to address profound damage to Canadian society and will feature shocking testimonies from people who suffered from COVID-19 vaccine reactions, disrupted livelihoods, educational issues, mental health torments, and both reputational and professional harm.

It will also include the insights gleaned on the impact of COVID-19 policies from a diverse set of experts in the fields of medicine, law, science, education and psychology.

An English hearing will begin at 11 a.m. ET and will be live-streamed through the NCI website and their various social media accounts. A French hearing will follow at 2 p.m. ET.

The four commissioners who oversaw the cross-Canada testimonies published an interim report in September calling for an immediate halt to the COVID-19 vaccines. This urgent release followed Health Canada’s authorization of yet another mRNA booster, which raised regulatory oversight concerns about how the authorization process has been subverted since 2020.

“Under the original regulations for how a drug gets approved in Canada, the manufacturers were required to prove objectively that the drug was safe and effective,” NCI commissioner Ken Drysdale previously told Rebel News.

“An objective proof is something like ‘what is 2+2?’ and you say ‘four,’ that’s an objective question and answer… They’ve switched that test now into a subjective question. That would be something like ‘How do you feel about 2+2?’ There isn’t a real answer. So what the government has done is gone from requiring the manufacturers to prove safety and effectiveness, the manufacturers [now] only have to provide enough information that you could conclude that it’s safe and effective.

The government did this as an urgent public emergency but the interesting thing is that since that interim order has expired and the government has changed that actual regulation, the changed regulation still permits COVID-19 vaccines to be approved without proving objective safety and efficacy and has removed the requirement for an urgent public need. [Manufacturers] no longer get this out of the regulation based on urgency or an emergency, they get [authorization] because they are COVID-19 vaccines. That’s a significant change to the regulation.”

Liberal MPs rejected a request to conduct a review of the COVID-19 pandemic (mis)management at the end of October.

“We need to have an impartial, independent, public and properly resourced inquiry to undertake this work,” stated New Democrat MP Don Davies. This includes the “power to subpoena documents” and requiring federal authorities to testify under oath.

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