New docs indicate the Liberals' ‘payment for confiscation’ firearms program is a wasteful failure

'Often the ban and the buyback program were seen as wasteful because the policy isn’t aimed at stopping illegal gun smuggling and sales,' noted the report, Buyback Program Awareness Campaign.

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A recently released Public Safety Canada report, Buyback Program Awareness Campaign, polled 2000 Canadian gun owners on their views of the Liberals' proposed "buyback" program of newly prohibited models of shotguns, rifles and handguns.

In May 2020, the Trudeau government banned 200,000 firearms it considered “assault-style,” including thousands of models of shotguns and rifles.

The Liberals have also proceeded with a subsequent complete ban on all handguns.

The feds offered a buyback of the property never owned by the government, with an estimated cost of approximately $400 million.

An amnesty period for owners to turn in their firearms expires on October 30.

However, the Parliamentary Budget Officer pegs the cost of the confiscation remuneration at $756 million.

According to the report, first analyzed by Blacklock's Reporter in an article published Thursday morning:

Often the ban and the buyback program were seen as wasteful because the policy isn’t aimed at stopping illegal gun smuggling and sales.

Most firearms owners did not see themselves or their peers as a major factor in gun crimes in Canada.

Most firearms owners think inner cities have the highest rate of firearms violence in Canada.

Just 10 percent think small towns and rural areas have the highest rates. Firearms owners feel the biggest causes of gun violence are gang violence, organized crime and general criminal activity.

There has been a significant decline over the past year in firearms owners’ rating of the government’s performance on introducing measures to address gun-related violence.

When asked, “How would you rate the performance of the Government of Canada when it comes to introducing measures to address gun-related violence?” 26% of those polled called it “poor.” Another 24% of respondents rated it “fair.” And 15% of gun owners said the feds' response to rising crime rates was “excellent.”

The report can be read here.

To sign the petition calling on the Liberals to back off of the law-abiding and do something about illegal guns in Canada, go to!

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