A new phenomenon is being observed since the pandemic — the slow disappearance of cash in establishments

Are we going to enter a new society where cash doesn’t exist anymore?

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During the pandemic, many businesses refused to accept cash because it was dirty and could be a vector of transmission.

Today, despite the return to normalcy of society, some places have retained the idea of accepting only credit, debit, or PayPal as transactional methods. But what is their main reason for imposing these new regulations?

What might have seemed harmless at first, since it was only present at event venues, has quickly expanded to everyday businesses.

What is deplorable is that it directly targets the underprivileged people who use cash the most and that excludes them. Some people don’t have a bank account, some are homeless and receive cash from people, some don’t have any cards, and some want to pay cash for privacy reasons.

We must also remember that the failure of the Rogers network in 2022 caused the impossibility of paying by debit for a whole day. If cash disappeared from businesses, the government could access all your expenses or freeze your accounts.

Don't forget that this is what happened during the truckers' convoy in Ottawa in February 2022, when Mr. Trudeau wanted to dismantle this peaceful demonstration. He simply froze a multitude of bank accounts of ordinary families who have children to feed.

Currently, in Montreal, many businesses and companies have said goodbye to cash starting with the big chain DavidsTea, STM (Société de transport de Montréal), VIA RAIL, La donuterie on the plateau Mont-Royal, the Jack and Jones clothing store, and probably other places as well.

The phenomenon was also observed at the restaurant level as the restaurant Pizzéria Fugazzi and the salad bar Mandy's, and other businesses that wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals also are implementing this measure, as reported by a Montreal newspaper.

What do people think of this new phenomenon that will probably have great repercussions if it becomes more prevalent in many businesses?

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