No matter how you vote on Voice, Lidia Thorpe still thinks you’re racist

Indigenous senator argues both ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ votes reinforce racism claims.

No matter how you vote on Voice, Lidia Thorpe still thinks you’re racist
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Lidia Thorpe has insisted that a ‘No’ vote in the referendum will confirm that Australia is a racist country, while a ‘Yes’ vote will also confirm that Australia is a racist country.

The independent senator told the National Press Club yesterday that a ‘No’ vote would confirm Australians did not care about Indigenous people.

But she insisted a ‘Yes’ vote would be no better since it would indicate Australians wanted to subjugate Aboriginal people into the “coloniser’s constitution”.

She told journalists at the Press Club that the only way Australia could prove it was not racist was to grant Indigenous people a treaty, negotiated with more than 300 Aboriginal “nations” individually, that included hefty reparation payments.

When asked by a journalist for an indication of how much money a treaty would cost Australian taxpayers, she said it would bankrupt the nation.

“That’s why we need to negotiate,” she said, smiling.

Thorpe said, as an example, that the Victorian Parliament building was made of sandstone taken from land that belonged to Aborigines.

She said Indigenous people could rightly issue Premier Dan Andrews with a bill for the materials used to construct the Parliamentary building.

“That’s why we need to negotiate,” she repeated.

She continually slammed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’ proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament as offering “false hope” to Aboriginal people.

“We deserve better,” she said. “This is just another attempt by a colonial government to make clear that it has power over us and force its rules upon us.

“There won't be a change until this society changes. What we need is an end to the war on our people that started on the day the boats arrived.

"We know this is a racist country."

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