NO VAX PASSPORTS: Canadians should not be discriminated against for their medical history

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“Papers please!” is a common demand from authorities directed at innocent people trying to live their lives in some of the most oppressive places in the world. People in tyrannical dictatorships often have to produce evidence of permission from the government to be in certain places and do certain things.

Think that kind of human rights violation can't come here? It's already here. In the form of a vaccine passport.

A vaccine passport is proof of someone's vaccination status against the coronavirus, something a person would be required to produce to do things, like travel, eat in a restaurant, use a gym or go to a concert. The vaccine passport is so distasteful that politicians are cloaking them in alternative language, calling them “vaccine receipts,” “proof of vaccination” or “health passports.”

Whatever they're called, they all do the same thing. They violate fundamental human rights and privacy laws and serve as a means of medical segregation, creating different tiers of Canadian citizenship for innocent people.

Some politicians have spoken out against vaccine passports.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's against vaccine passports, opting to leave vaccine passports to the provinces, and yet his health minister requires proof of vaccination for Canadians to skip a COVID jail upon returning to Canada from abroad.

Provinces are taking very different approaches to vaccine passports publicly, yet in practice even those against vaccine passports are letting vaccine passports, in one form or another, be put in place.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he's against them, yet the Calgary Stampede required proof of vaccination or a clear COVID test to get into the live music venue, Nashville North.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says vaccine passports are a violation of Charter rights and yet, his solicitor general has mused about the necessity of vaccine receipts.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is creating a vaccine passport and offering wage subsidies to businesses forcing the vaccination of their staff.

And in British Columbia, private companies are doing what the government won't stop them from doing. Clothing retailer Eddie Bauer requires unvaccinated staff to wear masks inside the store on shift.

Whether it is for reasons of conscience, religion, health reasons, or no reason at all, it shouldn't matter, because your health is nobody's business. No one should be carved out of society because they refuse to participate in a large-scale medical trial.

We do not have a caste system in Canada, where some people are excluded from certain aspects of life and society. Canadians have rights, regardless of their medical status. You don't have to provide your HIV, hepatitis or tuberculosis status before you go to the gym. You shouldn't have to do that with COVID either.

It's weird, it's invasive, it's indecent and it's absolutely perverse.

Please sign our petition at to send a message that you resist any form of medical segregation.

We have to do something. No one else is.

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PETITION: No Vaccine Passports

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