UPDATE: Timeline of the simultaneous suspected shooting investigations in Nova Scotia

UPDATE: Timeline of the simultaneous suspected shooting investigations in Nova Scotia
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Less than one week after failing to use the provincial Emergency Alert system to warn residents of Gabe Wortman's massacre in northwestern Nova Scotia, local RCMP are again using Twitter to warn the public of an active shooter situation.

The news comes just minutes after a 2pm Atlantic Time (1pm ET) vigil where many Nova Scotians stood outside wearing red for two minutes of silence for the victims of last week's attack.

One Twitter user posted that they saw four police officers with ArmaLites, and the RCMP cautioned them to “please stay inside.”

The community of Hammonds Plains is approximately 20 minutes from downtown Halifax.

UPDATE 2:10pm ET:

The DFO MarAlert phone app managed by the federal Fisheries and Oceans Canada sent alerts to app subscribers, but so far, Nova Scotia's provincial Emergency Management Office has NOT sent any wide notifications to residents.

UPDATE 2:15pm ET

The US Consulate sent an email alert about the shooting situation advising residents to “remain at home with doors locked.”

UPDATE 2:17pm ET

RCMP vehicles have blocked off a road in Hammonds Plains. Still no provincial alert.

UPDATE 2:22pm ET

A Twitter user reports that the RCMP are blocking the shopping plaza near Highway 103's Exit 5, right next to the local RCMP detachment at 1 Eleanor Lane, Upper Tantallon.

UPDATE 2:24pm ET

At least six RCMP cars are on the scene. Still no provincial Emergency Alert.

UPDATE 2:30pm ET

Reports of another active shooting situation 25 minutes away from Hammonds Plains near the industrial park Burnside and business park/shopping complex Dartmouth Crossing.

UPDATE 2:35pm ET

Reports on local Facebook group of a stand-off near Wheaton's in Lower Sackville.

UPDATE 2:40pm ET

Twitter user reported a “military” helicopter over Lower Sackville at 1:48pm ET (2:48pm local time).

UPDATE 2:45pm ET

Still no provincial alert. Local journalist Tim Bousquet, who had just been rejected from attending this morning's RCMP presser on the Wortman shooting, updates from his sources concerning the situation at the Dartmouth Crossing Canadian Tire:

UPDATE 2:50pm ET

Reports of a chemical spill at Burnside and Commodore. The Canadian Tire in Dartmouth Cross is nearby, closer the major intersection of Commodore and Country View.

Possible new video: Link deleted

UPDATE 2:55pm ET

“Heavy police presence” at Canadian Tire in Dartmouth Crossing.

UPDATE 3pm ET (4pm local time)

New photos from the Canadian Tire.

The liquor store in Tantallon is closed, but still no provincial emergency alert.

UPDATE 3:05pm ET (4:05pm local time)

Province sends Emergency Alert at 4:03pm local time:

“Police are currently on scene in the wooded area between Haliburton Hills and Highland Park Heights Subdivisions in Halifax Regional Municipality in relation to a report of shots fired. There has been a addition report of shots fired in the Omega Court area of Hubley, also in HRM.

Residents are advised to shelter in place and refrain from travel until being advised otherwise.”

UPDATE 3:25pm ET

More photos from social media: Tantallon's NSLC liquor store is closed, and another photo from the Hammonds Plains/Tantallon road block.

UPDATE 3:30pm ET

Nova Scotia RCMP say that situation at Dartmouth Crossing is the responsibility of Halifax Regional Police and to contact them instead.

Here's what the Halifax Regional Police are reporting on the Canadian Tire at 30 Lamont Avenue.

Photo from Highland Park area (Hammonds Plains/Tantallon).

Here's what the Nova Scotia alert looks like:

UPDATE 3:40pm ET

RCMP are spreading out into Glen Arbour and Hubley, two partially wooded subdivisions in the Hammonds Plains area.

One Twitter user has posted a current photo of Sunnyside Mall in Bedford, near Lower Sackville, to counter online rumours that a fourth situation at Sunnyside was underway.

UPDATE 4:00pm ET (5pm local Atlantic Time)

Lockdowns continue. No update from the Halifax Regional Police on the nature of the (under control) situation at the Dartmouth Crossing Canadian Tire.

Local market Pete's Frootique, located in Sunnyside Mall, is “closed for the time being.”

UPDATE 4:25pm ET

Halifax Regional Police release information on the Dartmouth Crossing Canadian Tire situation. Two men were arrested and are facing charges.

RCMP request that people in the greater Hammonds Plains area not post photos or videos of RCMP activity. The situation appears to be ongoing.

UPDATE 4:45pm ET

RCMP determine that the reports in Glen Arbour were from construction. Police continue to patrol the area originally noted in the Emergency Alert. No update on the situation in Sackville.

UPDATE 5:00pm ET (4:00pm local Atlantic Time)

A second provincial advisory indicates that the situation in Hammonds Plains has been resolved.

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