NT Senator Jacinta Price blasts radical ABC agenda

The Country Liberal Senator has accused the ABC of allowing her to be racially abused without intervention because of her political views.

NT Senator Jacinta Price blasts radical ABC agenda
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Jacinta Price has accused the national broadcaster of vilifying her for being a conservative Aboriginal woman.

The Country Liberal Senator said the ABC had allowed her to be racially abused without any intervention because she held conservative views.

She was referring to a radio interview last November during which Indigenous leader Noel Pearson described her as “being trapped in a redneck celebrity vortex”.

She complained that the ABC program host, Patricia Karvelas, did not challenge Pearson’s views or even seek to intervene as he vilified her.

Karvelas, she said, had “accepted them (Pearson’s comments) wholeheartedly”.

Price has accused the ABC of targeting her "because I’m a conservative Aboriginal woman".

Speaking to Sky News Australia's Chris Kenny on Wednesday, Price claimed she had been regularly subjected to racial vilification and verbal attacks on the ABC in recent months.

“This isn’t an isolated incident for me to be confronted with ABC journalists who think they can racially vilify me or attack me…because I’m a conservative Aboriginal woman," she said.

“They certainly don’t treat Aboriginal people of the left that way, in fact they revere them, hold them on a pedestal and just about treat them as these spiritual beings that hover above the earth.”

Ms Price accused ABC Managing Director David Anderson of failing to exercise any control over the public broadcaster.

“What is evident is the general manager doesn’t seem to know what goes on half the time, although it’s his job to understand what goes on within the ABC and it’s evident the ABC journalists have free rein to do whatever they want," she said.

“And if the ABC are hit with legal litigation as a result, it seems that there is an endless bucket of taxpayer funds to defend themselves with.

“They need a reality check, if they continue down this path and don’t change the way they conduct themselves, then they should be confronted.”

The Albanese government has promised the ABC $1.1 billion a year funding for the next three years

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  • By Avi Yemini

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