Nurse accused of 'transphobia' for defending women's safe spaces speaks out after hearing

Drea Humphrey hears from nurse Amy Hamm, self-proclaimed women’s and same-sex rights advocate, who faced a hearing from the BC College for Nurses and Midwives after she helped put up a billboard backing Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's stance on gender ideology in 2020.

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In today’s report I interview Amy Hamm, a British Columbian nurse, who has just gotten out of a quasi-criminal trial brought on by her licensing body due to speech related to her off-duty activism.

Hamm, a self-proclaimed women’s and same-sex rights advocate, first ran into trouble with the BC College for Nurses and Midwives in 2020.

Inspired by famous Harry Potter author and women’s rights activist JK Rowling, whose essay on gender identity ideology issues and their impact on sex-based rights had recently gone viral, Hamm and a friend decided to invest in posting a huge “I ❤️ JK Rowling” billboard in Vancouver.

“I was very pleased that, you know, such a famous and brilliant woman came out in support of these ideas that are very controversial,” Hamm told Rebel News during the interview. Hamm added that it was the sponsorship of the billboard that “sent an avalanche of activists after her.”

That avalanche included the BCCNM combing though hundreds of Hamm’s online, off-duty statements and then accusing Hamm of being “derogatory and discriminatory” against transgender persons.

Click on the full video report above to hear Hamm recap some of the shocking parts of the disciplinary hearing, including how biological males are encroaching on women’s prisons and rape shelters. She also shares her thoughts on the blue-haired activist lawyer for the BCCNM, Barbara Findlay’s attempt to have the panel compel her speech during proceedings.

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