Official government petition calling on Trudeau to end war on plastic

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The Liberals are still running headlong into their useless, job-killing plastics ban, even after the pandemic offered a reality check about just how invaluable plastics are to creating a hygienic, convenient and clean world.

Stores suddenly stopped packing groceries into those E. coli-soaked reusable bags and went to the much-maligned plastic bags many municipalities had waged war on for years. Restaurants pivoted to delivery and take out, relying on plastic for affordable, sterile containers and utensils. Healthcare relied on plastics for intubation, face and eye shields and syringes.

And yet, the Liberals refuse to back down from their single-use plastics ban, listing single-use plastics as schedule one toxins alongside deadly substances like lead, asbestos and mercury. That's insane. If plastic were toxic, we'd all be long dead. Plastics are inert and a safely stored form of hydrocarbon energy that can be used, when incinerated efficiently, to create electricity. Plastic is the perfect garbage when handled wisely. It's certainly not Canadian plastic that ends up in the eyeballs of sea turtles or plugging up Chinese rivers.

However, plastics are an extension of the oil and gas sector, which explains the Liberal war on them. The plastics manufacturing industry creates over 100,000 well-paying Canadian jobs and saves lives. Banning single-use plastics is one of the dumbest ideas Trudeau has ever had.

That's why I want to direct you to a new Parliamentary e-petition, E-3549. It calls upon the Government of Canada to end its unfounded attacks on plastic products and empower and support the 100,000 men and women in the industry that create $35 billion worth of versatile products yearly in an environmentally responsible manner.

Let's send a message to the Liberals that we support the thousands of jobs in the plastics industry, and that even Trudeau's “drink box water bottle sort of things” are impossible without plastics.

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Plastic Ban ePetition

Sign the official House of Commons petition to end the ban on plastic products and support the industry


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