Ontario MPP's office hit with antisemitic vandalism

Progressive Conservative MPP Robin Martin's office is the latest target of an antisemitic attack — and Premier Doug Ford will do nothing about it.

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Progressive Conservative MPP for Eglinton—Lawrence Robin Martin’s constituency office was vandalized by Hamas supporters overnight on Tuesday, in yet another display of antisemitic vandalism that has become all too common in Canada.

Martin's office is located in an interesting neighbourhood, lots of Italian and Portuguese people. Just to the east is a large Jewish community, likely why her office was attacked by a pro-Hamas street gang.

We were on the scene earlier today, where police told us they were still investigating the incident.

On the window to the office were the words “killed by Israel” and pictures in a style similar to the posters of kidnap victims of Hamas put up by the Jewish community.

Red paint, presumably to symbolize blood, was splashed out front along with the words “Shame on Robin. Genocide supporter.”

Robin Martin has a pretty low profile, as, frankly, nearly all MPPs have.

But Martin has been a vocal ally of Israel and has posted specifically debunking the narrative of genocide in Palestine. Following the October 7 massacre by Hamas, Martin said in a post to X that she stands with Israel and sent her prayers to its people “in the face of this act of war.”

Just a few weeks ago, she spoke at a Jewish temple.


However, as we've seen more Hamas-supporting hate marches over the last several months, Premier Doug Ford's government has been quiet.

The provincial government oversees prosecution in Ontario. Typically, when someone is charged, it's provincial prosecutors reporting to the attorney general who prosecute them. So, the ubiquity of the vandalism, mischief, graffiti, antisemitic chants, targeting of Jewish schools and synagogues, the person who has been declining to prosecute is Doug Ford.

Every day in Doug Ford's Ontario, laws are being broken. People chant their support for terrorist groups against the Criminal Code, people fly flags of terror groups, people beset Jewish synagogues and disturb them against the Criminal Code.

The police have typically been ordered to stand down. That's a decision by Toronto's mayor, Olivia Chow. But the decision not to prosecute — that's 100% on Doug Ford.

So, when one the office of one of his MPP's is vandalized with antisemitic graffiti, don't expect Doug Ford to raise a finger.

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