Ontario Sports Minister (a former pro football player) is SILENT over 'trans' rugby player

David Menzies sent four questions to the sports minister, Neil Lumsden. One of the questions was, 'The rationale for the rule prohibiting biological males from competing with biological females is for health and safety reasons. Indeed, Davis has been injuring real women on a frequent basis. What is the Ministry’s position on this issue?' Unfortunately, there has been no response.

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Perhaps you’ve caught our coverage of what’s become known as the Fergus Fiasco.

I speak of Ash Davis, a biological male who plays on the female squad of the Fergus Highlanders rugby club.

This is in total contravention to World Rugby rules, which forbids biological male players competing against female players primarily for safety reasons.

But the Fergus Highlander lassies are A-OK with having a bio-weapon on their squad. In fact, we did our original report, they became downright hysterical about human rights or trans rights or something.

Amazingly, the league is OK with this travesty, and Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario are OK, and the players are OK and the referees are OK; so the question arises: what about the Ontario Ministry of Sport? Surely the Ministry isn’t keen to see the province devolve into an international laughing stock when it comes to sportsmanship?

By the way, just check out who the current Minister of Sport is – that would be Neil Lumsden. For me, that’s a touchdown. After all, Mr. Lumsden has the credentials to be Ontario’s best-ever minister of sport. He’s a man’s man, after all, an ex-professional football player who played for the Toronto Argonauts, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Edmonton Eskimos, winning four Grey Cups in the process. In other words, he walks the walk. And as a former pro-football player, surely Neil Lumsden knows the inherent risks of men playing against women in a full contact sport like rugby.

Surely Mr. Lumsden is outraged that this grotesque state of affairs is happening on his watch. Lumsden understands sportsmanship. And chivalry. Surely this CFL Hall of Famer isn’t holding his nose and turning a blind eye to misogyny. Surely Lumsden hasn’t been coerced into maintaining the multi-party line that if it’s trans it’s good and if it’s good it’s trans… even though Ash Davis might just be mentally ill.

So, it was that I recently sent four questions to Minister Lumsden’s office: 

  1. Why is Rugby Ontario turning a blind eye to the violation of international guidelines regarding the inclusion of Davis on a female team? (Rugby Ontario will not return our inquiries and has issued a gag order for players not to talk about this issue.)

  2. The rationale for the rule prohibiting biological males from competing with biological females is for health and safety reasons. Indeed, Davis has been injuring real women on a frequent basis. What is the Ministry’s position on this issue?

  3. With few exceptions (auto racing, equestrian) male and female athletes compete in separate divisions. Why is the situation different when it comes to rugby in Ontario?

  4. Is your ministry doing anything to rectify the situation in Fergus?

And the answer? Crickets.

Really, Mr.  Lumsden? It looks like when it comes to the transanity file, now that you are a cabinet minister as opposed to a football player, it’s now all a matter of “et tu, brute?” isn’t it?

Isn’t it profoundly sad, folks, what some men will do for money. Like selling their soul to avoid rocking the politically-correct boat?

But stop the clock, for it’s even worse than you think.

The other day, I was reading through Rugby Ontario’s website. And guess what? Far from being reprimanded by the province for violating the rules of World Rugby, Rugby Ontario was actually REWARDED by the provincial government for its bad behaviour last month. I swear!

Check out this photo of Ontario's Rugby CEO Myles Spencer. Spencer is equal parts cowardly and coercive when it comes to the Fergus trans circus. He’s issued a gag order warning players not to talk about Ash Davis. And yet, here is Mr. Spencer receiving a grant for $150,000 via the Ontario Trillium Foundation!

And WHY, exactly, is the renegade Rugby Ontario getting a six-figure boost via the taxpayer? Well, check out what Lorne Coe, the MPP for Whitby and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier, had to say:

“Our government has embarked on many initiatives to boost sports. Funding Rugby Ontario through OTF helps community building through diversity, equity, and inclusion. A healthy sports culture reflects a healthy community.”

“Healthy,” Mr. Coe? Provincial rugby is healthy for whom? Healthy for franken-femme grifters injuring real biological female players?

And the question arises: is this really a conservative government residing at Queen’s Park?

When the likes of MPP Coe cling to the unholy trilogy of diversity, equity, and inclusion, this is the woke bailiwick of the leftist opposition parties. Then again, they don’t call the Premier of Ontario “Doug Fraud” for nothing, I suppose.

Because as our research indicates, in Ontario, if you violate the rules of World Rugby and you protect a misogynist in the name of diversity, and you allow cheating to prevail, you don’t end up in the penalty box. Rather, you get a juicy six-figure cheque. Omar Khadr, eat your heart out…

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