Outrage over Melbourne school's secretive gender identity survey

Parents express outrage as Melbourne public school encourages students to question their gender privately.

Outrage over Melbourne school's secretive gender identity survey
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Parents have slammed a Victorian public school for encouraging 12 and 13-year-old students to question their gender.

Wellbeing officers at Northcote State High School in Melbourne reportedly sent an email to Year Seven students asking if they wished to be known by a different name or gender.

The email, which promised students that if they indicated they were thinking about changing gender they would not be “outed”, was sent to children without parental knowledge.

The email read in part:

"The wellbeing team have created a survey for students who would like to be known as a different name, gender or use different pronouns.

“If this is something you’ve been thinking about … please click here.

“Please note that if you choose to fill this out, your information will be private and we will not out you! We would just like to organise a time to chat and help you navigate what happens next.”

The email was published in The Australian newspaper after it came to light. The Australian reported that Northcote High’s principal did not respond to their requests for comment.

Parents, already angry that public schools are helping gender confused children socially transition without their knowledge, said the email was a clear case of children being encouraged to question their gender.

A teacher, speaking anonymously to The Australian described the email as “next-level outrageous and shocking”.

“We’re dealing with kids here who are so young, they don’t even have a firm understanding of what sexuality is,” the teacher said.

“I think teachers have really lost the plot.

“When another kid declares they are transitioning, it’s never a kid who is clearly thriving, who doesn’t have any other problems. Even teachers who believe in gender identity can now see it is just not good for kids, that the kids are not okay.”

A parent slammed schools for keeping secret their discussions with children about gender.

“It’s such a betrayal to refuse to communicate with us about this,” one parent said.

“It feels as though there’s been an institutional ideological capture and people are no longer thinking rationally or making evidence-based decisions in relation to this issue. It’s very easy to be presented with transgender as a solution to all of a teenager’s problems and say, ‘This is it’.

“All of their anxiety, their depression, the fact they have been alienated from friendship groups, every single one of those problems disappears. But it’s an illusion.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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