WATCH: Parents STAND UP to council and trans activists over Drag Storytime

The event featuring drag queens targets kids aged between one to six

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Hundreds of concerned parents and ratepayers gathered at Monash Council in Melbourne to voice their opposition to an upcoming Drag Storytime event. The event, planned for May 19th at Oakleigh Library, is targeted towards children aged one to six years old.

Parents at the protest expressed their dissatisfaction with the event, questioning the appropriateness of exposing young children to adult-themed content.

Many of them argued that children in the specified age range should be allowed to simply enjoy their childhood without being exposed to potentially confusing topics.

While the protest was taking place, a small counter-protest in support of the Drag Storytime event also formed. However, this group was significantly outnumbered and largely unwilling to engage in dialogue with the opposing side.

During the council meeting, numerous questions were raised by the concerned parents regarding the safety of the children attending the event and the appropriateness of the content that would be presented, including books titled She's My Dad and The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish.

Council representatives responded by stating that the event was designed to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia and that they are committed to child safety, claiming that the books selected for the event would be age-appropriate and that the entertainer would tailor their presentation according to the audience.

Despite these assurances, the gathered parents were not satisfied with the council's answers.

Many continued to question why such an event was being organised specifically for young children, and some even accused the council of promoting controversial and potentially harmful ideas to impressionable minds.

One woman at the protest stated that she was not a "Nazi" or a "transphobe" but was simply a concerned mother worried about the safety of women and children.

She voiced her anger over the push for opening domestic violence shelters, rape shelters, and women's change rooms to biological men, believing that such actions are wrong and put women and children at risk.

Another parent raised concerns about the implications of teaching children about gender fluidity at such a young age, stating that it could be confusing and potentially damaging to their development.

They argued that children should be allowed to explore their own identities and interests without the influence of adult-driven agendas.

Despite the council's insistence that the event was intended to promote love, acceptance, and diversity, many parents remained unconvinced that it was appropriate for young children.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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