UPDATE: Pastor Pawlowski gets health order similar to GraceLife Church before it was shut

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Rebel News has been telling Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s story since the beginning of his altercations with Calgary police and Alberta Health Services (AHS). In fact, he was our very first www.FightTheFines.com case.

For his great crimes of… reading the Bible and feeding the homeless, Artur has made over 100 appearances in court over the last few years. He has been battling defiantly to maintain his ministry. Pastor Art will not back down, he will not stop worshipping, and he will not stop caring for the most vulnerable members of society.

COVID-related restrictions have clearly magnified the efforts of Calgary police and AHS to shut down Pastor Art’s ministries. Thanks to our www.FightTheFines.com campaign, we were able to hire top-notch lawyer Sarah Miller, who managed to have a number of Artur’s tickets thrown out.

The conflict escalated on Holy Saturday with the now-viral video of Pastor Artur ejecting AHS and Calgary police from his church. Authorities then obtained a special order permitting them to arrest Pastor Art in the middle of worship, which is a violation of Section 176(2) of the Criminal Code. Many feared that arrest was imminent for Pastor Art on Saturday, May 1, but hundreds showed up in support of the Polish pastor, and despite a heavy police presence, worship went on uninterrupted and Artur left a free man.

The sense of victory and relief was short-lived. We have received a work order document that was given to Pastor Art which stipulates a standard that must be met by May 7 to prevent further action from being taken against the church building where Pastor Art presides. Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church received a similar work order on December 17, and as we know, that situation wound up with the entire church fenced off and Pastor Coates serving 35 days in jail. Pastor Coates is currently in court, and many fear the same fate awaits Pastor Art.

Standing up to the authorities in court is not cheap. If you want to help Pastor Artur Pawlowski, go to www.SaveArtur.com and give what you can today. All donations go directly to The Democracy Fund, a registered charity, so you will receive a charitable tax receipt for your contribution to the fight for freedom.

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  • By Adam Soos

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