DEBUNKED: Patrick King's homemade legal defence in an Alberta court case did not cancel the provincial lockdown

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In this clip from today's livestream, Ezra Levant discussed a viral video featuring Patrick King discussing what he says is a victory for freedom fighters across Canada. 

EZRA: Let me say this. I don't know what Patrick King was charged with. It sounds like he was charged with being at an illegal gathering. Sounds like he got a subpoena for Deena Hinshaw, the public health officer, to show up with her documents about the virus, and it looks like the government applied to quash that subpoena, that is, to have it thrown out. And from listening to the video it sounds like they were successful. 

... It looks like Patrick King is putting great importance on this statement from the attorney general: "the chief medical officer has no material evidence." So let me explain as a former lawyer what this means. Patrick King says that this means that Deena Hinshaw the CMOH, chief medical officer of health, has no evidence about the virus. And I don't think that's what is written here. I think this means that the government's position is that Deena Hinshaw, the chief medical officer of health, has no material evidence to the proceedings in provincial court.

... It sounds like Patrick King tried to challenge the basis for the law, didn't get very far, it sounds like there was a procedural reason for that, and then it sounds like the case against him was dropped.

... That headline on there goes further: "ends masking, shots, quarantine in Alberta." Now, I know that didn't happen. There is no court order, no court ruling in Alberta that struck down masking, testing, quarantine in that province. 

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  • By David Menzies

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