Pearson International is the worst airport in the world. Solution? CBSA puts on a drag queen show!

When we first got wind of this, we couldn’t believe it either. Thank goodness for video evidence.

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Riddle me this: we know that Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is the worst airport in the world – and yeah, that includes those airports situated in third world nations. Unbelievable.

So, how do we go about fixing this sad sorry situation?

Well, how about this? In the name of God knows what, the rank-and-file members of the Canadian Border Services Agency booked off about two hours the other day to take in… a drag queen show.

When we first got wind of this, we couldn’t believe it either. Thank goodness for video evidence.

We immediately paid a visit to Pearson International to ask border guards if they had taken in the airport version of Sausage Fest. Alas, they weren’t very talkative

So it was that we fired off an email to the media relations department of CBSA. Here are my questions:

  1. What was the ostensible policy reason for staging this performance?
  2. Who came up with the idea of staging a drag queen performance and who authorized it?
  3. What does a drag queen act have to do with protecting Canada’s borders?
  4. How much did this performance cost and who paid for it (i.e., the individual border guards themselves or the Canadian taxpayer?)
  5. This sexualized show was performed by a man pretending to be a female. Would CBSA approve of a similar performance featuring a biological female stripper? If not, why not?

Here’s the response we received from the CBSA’s Maria Ladouceur she/her/elle. Wow: three, count ’em, three gender pronouns. That’s a new one. Anyway, here’s what Ms. Ladouceur she/her/elle had to say: “To deliver its mandate effectively, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) must understand the people it serves. The CBSA organized a one hour event during Pride month, at Toronto Pearson International Airport, for employees to learn more about the 2SLGBTQI+ community and to promote an inclusive workplace culture."

“Approximately 70 uniformed and non-uniformed employees attended from various offices around the airport. There was no impact to border operations."

“The event was a 55 minute information and Q&A session and closed with a musical performance. A line was crossed during the performance of a second unexpected song that included the lap dancing seen on social media. While the footage is not representative of what the full session was, the CBSA has followed up with local management."

“While we stand behind the decision to hold events to raise awareness, we apologize for allowing the introduction of inappropriate behaviour at a workplace event.”

Kudos to the CBSA for not only responding but for actually apologizing – hey there, Anheuser-Busch and Target – are you taking notes?

But why do CBSA employees have to learn more about the alphabet soup community? It used to be that homosexuality was the love that dare not speak its name. These days, you can’t get it to shut the hell up. And more recently, radical transgenderism is everywhere, from being represented on the so-called pride progress flag (complete with BIPOC vagina and the purple flurple) to drag queen story time at the local publicly-funded library.

Now, Maria Ladouceur she/her/elle did not answer all of our queries. So we emailed she/her/elle back regarding the costs of the event, whether the absence of border guards at their posts contributed to “chaos” at Pearson which has been alleged by some sources, and whether biological female strippers would ever be welcomed into the inner-sanctum of the CBSA: Her response: “There was no impact to border operations. The cost of the information session was covered by employees through fundraising activities of the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion. No public funds were used.”

Missing from her response, alas, was whether biological female performers would be invited to partake in such a “diversity performance.”

But then again, in our not-so-Brave New World… what’s a woman? Even a female U.S. Supreme Court justice can’t provide that definition. And we live in a realm in which loser men pretending to be women can play female sports – or grift their way into women’s shelters and women’s prisons. So why not pretend to be female pole dancers as well?

P.S.: When we left Pearson International, I drove down nearby Carlingview Road and we shockingly discovered that the Hooters restaurant that is located there is now permanently closed. It had been operating very successfully for decades, but we reckon this eatery is yet another economic casualty of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Still, the irony was both profound and perverse: if you are a CBSA member, the woke powers-that-be in Ottawa will ensure that you can take in a striptease performance by a grotesque fake female in the name of diversity. But for the rest of us, when it comes to enjoying chicken wings and beer on a hot summer day served up by gorgeous and real biological woman, well on Carlingview Road this is now a thing of the past. It’s all thanks to the Blackface Liberals who love to shove rainbow-themed perversity down our throats. This is the same draconian government that mandated businesses unnecessarily close their doors during the pandemic; alas, so many temporary closures became permanent ones.

Bottom line: how do you like the new normal, folks? Thanks to government social engineering, penis-packing Franken-femmes put on striptease shows at the world’s worst airport. Meanwhile, the airport Hooters, once upon a time a thriving restaurant, is now tits up.

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