Police refuse to take action after anti-Israel protester strikes officer outside synagogue

'They literally pull her away from the police and free her just with sheer physical force. And the police just let that happen,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how police allowed anti-Israel protesters to physically interfere with the arrest of an individual who had just violently struck an officer.

This past weekend, dozens of pro-Hamas demonstrators posted up outside of a synagogue in Thornhill, Ont. in an apparent attempt to antagonize Jewish attendees or counter protesters.

In a video shared by investigative journalist Caryma Sa'd, an anti-Israel protester appears to physically strike a police officer with her fist. The woman is then briefly detained and taken into custody before a mob of pro-Hamas demonstrators frees her using brute force.

Speaking about the incident, Ezra said, "She assaulted police. She was arrested by police. And the Hamas thugs pull her away, and the police sort of say, 'oh well.'"

"You saw more violence towards police there than you did during the entire trucker convoy. Not a single trucker assaulted a single police officer ever."

Ezra went on to say, "You just saw more violence in that one Hamas hate march than all the truckers combined. And yet the reaction when it was truckers was riot squads, martial law, jailing Tamara Lich and Artur Pawlowski...absolute baton-swinging thuggery from police against peaceful protests against vaccine mandates."

"But you have Hamas hate marches hit a cop, and no problem," he added.

Speaking about the persistent anti-Israel protests, Ezra said, "The concerns of these Hamas hate marches, like Hamas itself, it's not for a country. The Hamas charter calls for the extermination of Jews. And the Hamas hate marches in Ontario, they want to protest Jews."

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